Aparnaa Welcomes the City Of Joy Subsequent To Their Inaugural Ceremony

Fabric Manufacturers

The 13th of July 2016 witnessed the impressive opening of our store Aparnaa in yet another location in the City of Joy. This time 139, S.P. Mukherjee Road was chosen as the fulcrum of our new store right near the Tollygange P.S.

With the immense amount of effort that had had been put together by our entire team, it was honestly an awe-inspiring sight altogether. The heart-warming outpour of fabric lovers transformed our event into an absolute grand success. What added to the encouragement was the appreciations galore that was showered on us by the populaces who attended the event. To sum it up the opening of the store proved to be yet another step towards our aim of retaining our position as the largest fabric wholesaler in Kolkata. Showcasing yet another store in the lineage of Kolkata’s largest showroom has been a matter of immense pride for us.

Did not pay a visit yet? Why wait?

Now that we have opened our gates to the city of Kolkata yet again we request you to come and experience the amazing world of fabrics that we have at our disposal. Keeping at par with the tastes and preferences of the common masses, we have tried to incorporate a superior level of variety in terms of the designs and the colours that you might get to avail. The fact that keeping it fashionable is of prime importance, it has been our endeavour to outshine other fabric manufacturers in Kolkata when it comes to the trends followed.

Other stores of Aparnaa to watch out for

Stepping aside from the recent showroom, we, Aparnaa have stores in other locations of the metropolitan as well that has been catering to the needs and desires of fabric lovers for a noticeable time span. Our other stores are situated at Park Street and Loudon Street.

Come and experience the ultimate fabric mania with Aparnaa. After all, when you think fashion, you think Aparnaa!