Art Silk V/S Pure Silk Sarees: Similarities and Differences

Pure silk fabric Kolkata

For centuries, India has been known for its silk. Merchants from all over the world used to gather on our shores to buy silk. So it is not surprising to see that silk sarees are such a hit across the country. The pure silk fabric Kolkata stores offer are of very high quality; but there is only one catch.

Since pure silks have at least 95% of silk they can cost you a bomb.If you are looking for beautiful sarees that are wearable and affordable at the same time, then art silk sarees can provide you with a viable alternative.

Let us now look at some more similarities and differences.


  • The word ‘art’ in art silk does not refer to being artistic. Art silk essentially refers to artificial silk. While real silk is made by cultivating silk worms that feed on mulberry leaves, artificial silk is made from cellulose fibre and mixture of materials like rayon.
  • The impact which printing of pattern has on the fabric is a key difference between the two. If there is a printed pattern on the pure silk saree then the backside of the saree will have fuzzy traces of the pattern. The reverse side of art silk on the other hand will remain plain.
  • Real silk is so smooth and light that it can even pass through a small aperture like that of a ring. Heavier varieties cannot be successful in this regard. So if you want to verify that you have made a genuine purchase, this is an ideal test for the fabric.


  1. When it comes to draping of sarees, a matter of vital importance is the kind of pleats you can make with it. In case of both the aforementioned fabrics, very beautiful and precise pleats can be made easily.
  2. Although art silk sarees can cost as less as a cotton saree, they are not far too behind on the sheen factor. No matter which angle it is looked at from a kind of shiny effect can been seen. Art silk sarees Kolkata offers are becoming increasingly popular because one can even wear them to evening parties.
  3. Both kinds are suitable for a hot and humid climate. The sweltering heat emanated from the summer sun makes wearing sarees quite an ordeal. But both art silk and pure silk are ideal to remain cool. They do not retain body heat and keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed.
  4. Both of these fabrics are delicate and so need special care to make them last. Dry cleaning is ideal; even if that’s not always possible, usage of washing machines is a strict no-no.