Banarasi Fabric – A Perfect Piece of Art and Style


The Banarasi fabric is considered as one of the most popular silk fabric where heavy work of zari is incorporated along with different type of embroidered work. Also, the creation of the fabric is compared with the beautiful creation of human being. In many fashion fabric stores in South Kolkata, this particular fabric is available with spectacular designs. Due to this reason Banarasi cloth market is one of the moist attractive destinations among women.

History of Banarasi Fabric

Actually, the tradition of Banarasi fabric started from the famous city Banaras located in India. Before that, the fabric was actually imported from China but gradually it started to manufacture itself in the country. This particular sari is also known for its popular art during the Mughal Era. As per the information, it is during the Mughal Era only the art got glorified. At that time it was common to mix up the Indian style with Persian style motifs. Thus, from that time onwards the fabric is actually a blend of two different cultures.

How is Banarasi fabric created?

It is must be known by all that weaving Banarasi fabric indeed needs thousands of workers and thus, the name of the city has given another name for weaving silk fabric. Nowadays, all the industries who manufacture this particular fabric employ thousands of female workers in India because much of the fabric is exported to every part of the world. Creating this fabric definitely, needs a lot of effort and is considered as one of the pure and finest traditional arts around the world. Actually, the fabric is famous because of its unique design and also for its zari work that includes actual gold or silver brocade.

Why is Banarasi fabric so famous?

Generally, there are many buyers who prefer to buy fabric wholesale and they can easily get a lot of varieties for this particular fabric. The different varieties include Pure Silk, Organza, Zari with silk, Georgette. As more and more decorations and designs are evolving day by day the particular fabric is further categorized into Jangla, Butidar, Tanchoi, Tissue, Banarasi Silk Jamdani. As the Banarasi sarees is actually very eye catching mainly because of the heavy work of gold, silver as well as other visual effects is incorporated during the time of weaving. It also provides a royal look to the woman who wears it.

How should you handle Banarasi fabric?

This is actually a very delicate and precious fabric that needs to be handled gently. It is also advised that this particular fabric must get it to dry clean. If you want to wash it even then you must do that in hot water. Also, you can add up some amount of mild detergent for washing the fabric. Also, always remember that you should not keep the fabric directly under the sunlight otherwise it will lose its longevity.