Be Winter Ready with Casual Cotton Kurtis

cotton kurtisWinters are almost here.We can, in fact, buy casual cotton fabric for Kurtis and stitch some for the winters. Here are a few pointers on winter-type cotton Kurtis.

Winters are almost here and in another month or so the woolens would be out. We would pack off many dresses for the next summer and take out the ones best suited for winter. But one thing which wouldn’t go in or out of the cupboard is our cotton, Kurtis. Come summer, rain or winter, cotton Kurtis are a must. We can, in fact, buy casual cotton fabric for Kurtis and stitch some especially nice ones for the winters.

Here are Some Things We Can Keep in Mind:-

  • Cotton is best for winter too because the fabric being breathable, it is very comfortable, especially when we also have to wear woolens along. While the woolens would provide us warmth, the cotton Kurtis wouldn’t make it too claustrophobic to wear too many clothes.
  • While stitching cotton Kurtis for winter we can change the style to suit the needs of the season. We can buy fabric for Kurtis and can make Kurtis which are long-sleeved for better winter comfort. Also high necked or collared Kurtis do look good during the winter season.
  • While Cotton is for light-colored Kurtis only, during winter we can go color happy. Warm colors for winter, including earthy hues, are good for winter.
  • For the Winter season we can buy beautiful light stoles instead of dupattas for winter. For the light winter months, we can use the stoles both as dupattas as well as for providing a bit of warmth.
  • Since Winter months are more comfortable we can go in for embellished Kurtis also. We can have embroidered Kurtis, as well as those with borders and laces and not feel uncomfortable a all.

Be winter ready with different cotton Kurtis. To get the best fittings it is best to stitch Kurtis. The best type of casual cotton fabric in Kolkata is available in Aparnaa where you get an amazing collection and at a very reasonable cost too.

It is time to make a winter collection of Kurtis!