Fashion Therapy: Latest Prints That You Should Check Out Now

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Indian women’s ethnic attire has successfully brought India to a leading position in world women’s fashion due to their outstanding quality of fabric. Fashion prints are style-driven in terms of garment quality and color. These trendy prints are becoming an increasingly utilized contrivance in a fashion designer’s kit. Fashion fabrics have different types of stylish prints in accordance with the seasons and occasions. There are extravagant fashion fabric stores in Kolkata that house some of the most unique and diverse fabrics. 

Some Of The Most Loved Prints On Fabrics

  1. Floral – This depicts plants, either flowers or buds with or without leaves and branches.
  2. Geo – The geometric prints extend from tessellating blueprints inspired by Islamic art to the colour blocking arbitrary shapes. Geo prints have a resemblance to conceptual or lifelike art.
  3. Graphic Abstract – This pattern helps to illustrate unrecognizable types and motifs. The graphic is evocative due to the boldness of the print. It refers to fresh and contemporary designs and sometimes goes well with graphic floral prints.
  4. Animal Prints – The printed mock-ups of diverse animal skins are the highlights here. Generally, the skin prints of leopard, alligator, snake, zebra, etc are popular.

Fashion designers are the ones to create such artistic and glimmering works. The pretty designs and styles go perfectly well with every occasion and environment. Such fine works come into being using the best use of the modern weaving and stitching machinery. Not only the big and popular showrooms and boutiques, but the online clothing sites are also offering the most conspicuous pieces that ensure to be the best garnishing items of a lady’s wardrobe.

 Tips To Select The Right Silk Fabric

  • The Pricing Should Be Realistic: Be careful to choose silk fabrics that are original. Often in the course of shopping, we are so strict about the price point that there is no room for flexibility. But when buying premium fabrics like silk, you should know that the cost is high. Any retailer selling it for an unrealistically cheap price should ring a bell.  Because you might end up purchasing synthetic ones which are not original. 
  • Examine The Quality: The texture, the weave, the feel of the silk fabric will tell you whether it is authentic or not. Be aware of the seller from whom you are purchasing, the silk mark tag, and its quality. 

You can buy fabrics in Kolkata from your favorite ethnic store, Aparnaa. With a variety of options to choose from, your shopping spree will be fun and exciting.