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Fabric Fashion ProTip: The Perfect Blend Of Textures And Patterns

What’s style without the perfect balance of textures and patterns in your outfits? If you want to know everything about Designer fabrics, then read this blog. 

It is worth mentioning that prints actually empower our body silhouette. Horizontal lines in the fabrics make us look wider whereas vertical line does the opposite. Sall prints can make you look subtle while large patterns highlight your figure perfectly. Aparnaa fabrics are quintessentially made to make you look your best. 

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Grab The Spotlight This Eid In Style With Aparnaa Fashion!

Nothing must stop you from dressing astoundingly during the festivities. This Eid, trust the best ethnic fabric fashion store, Aparnaa. Read this blog to know more. 

With the pandemic coming our way, all we need is some fashion recluse. Aparnaa fashion is a one-stop solution for all your fashion demands. Hence, try them this Eid and make sure to set examples for others. 

Eid-Al-Fitr: An Overview

Eid al-Fitr or as we generally call it, Eid, indicates the end of Ramadan. It is the holy month for Muslims where they fast. The celebration takes place during the first three days of Shawaal. One can distinguish Eid from other holy festivals by the performance of communal prayer during the daybreak. This is a pious time when official receptions and private visits take place. Amidst all the joys, the biggest concern for girls and women is what to wear. 

Festive Wear

It is during the festivals that we rock our desi style and look stellar in gorgeous ethnic fabrics. Eid is no different because it includes sweets, gifts, wishes and fresh, new outfits. With years progressing, there has been the introduction of new styles as well as trends. The key to standing out at a festival is a stellar look. Now, you can choose your favourite fabric with the experts by your side. 

Types Of Fabric That Are Ideal To Rock An Eid Party

  1. Handwoven Zari Work Chanderi Kurtas 

Catching some eyes include outfits like a handwoven chanderi Kurta set. Moreover, intricate Resham zari work makes it look drop-dead gorgeous. At Aparnaa, we believe in blending style with comfort. Thus, consider buying this quintessential fabric that makes you look trendy along with the maximum comfort. Don’t forget to add a handwoven chanderi dupatta to complement the look. 

  1. Cotton Anarkali Kurtas

Anarkali Kurtas are classic, evergreen festive wear. Girls love to don a traditional Cotton Anarkali kurta during Eid. Because it is an epitome of their simplicity and beauty. If you are worried about the colour, then go for a royal blue or deep green Kurta. This fashionable garment is surely going to turn some heads at your favourite festival. 

  1.  Chiffon Sharara Set

Steal the spotlight in a unique orange-coloured chiffon sharara set. Since Chiffon is a breathable fabric, wearing it during the hot Eid days can make you feel extremely comfortable. Furthermore, do not forget to accessorize this look with a choker and receive compliments from your guests. 


Get in touch with the best Fabric store Kolkata to buy the above fabrics. Enjoy your day with Aparnaa’s massive collection of festive clothes for girls and women. Here, all you get is affordable, stylish and luxurious ethnic wear with unmatched perfection. This is why it has become the topmost ethnic fabric store Kolkata.

What Is The Cultural Significance Of Sarees In A Bengali New Year?

 Bengali New Year marks the beginning of a fresh start. Discover how are cotton silk sarees in Kolkata culturally important for this occasion. Read to know more. 

Poila Boishakh or the Bengali New Year is the traditional new year of the Bengali community. In places like West Bengal, Tripura and Bangladesh a national holiday is observed on this day. Women love to wear south silk sarees in Kolkata and men deck up in their favorite Kurta Pyjama. 

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Top Ideas On Holi Outfits 2022: What To Wear To Look Gorgeous?

Holi not only adds colors to our life but also to our fabric fashion clothes in Kolkata. If you’re a Holi lover and want to dress like a goddess, read this blog. 

Holi marks the arrival of the spring season. Our hearts become full of joy during this time of the year. And to amplify our look, we make sure to buy fabrics Kolkata of top-notch quality. 

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