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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Organza Fabrics


Aparnaa is one of the most popular stores in the city that incorporates varieties of finest fabrics. Among the other fabrics, organza is demanded the most.

The sheer and delicate fabric is woven from silk, polyester, or the combination of both of these. Organza is used for fabricating the prom dresses as well as in the chain-store fashions where the fabric is layered under the skirts for boosting up the volume or laid over the other fabrics for softening silhouettes and used for the transparent sleeves and panels. Whatever be the outfit, if it is made up of organza fabric then extra care should be taken to keep it in the same condition for longer time. The widest varieties of this fabric in terms of colors, designs, and works are found in Aparnaa. Continue reading How To Take Proper Care Of Your Organza Fabrics

Banarasi Fabric – A Perfect Piece of Art and Style


The Banarasi fabric is considered as one of the most popular silk fabric where heavy work of zari is incorporated along with different type of embroidered work. Also, the creation of the fabric is compared with the beautiful creation of human being. In many fashion fabric stores in South Kolkata, this particular fabric is available with spectacular designs. Due to this reason Banarasi cloth market is one of the moist attractive destinations among women.

History of Banarasi Fabric

Actually, the tradition of Banarasi fabric started from the famous city Banaras located in India. Before that, the fabric was actually imported from China but gradually it started to manufacture itself in the country. This particular sari is also known for its popular art during the Mughal Era. As per the information, it is during the Mughal Era only the art got glorified. At that time it was common to mix up the Indian style with Persian style motifs. Thus, from that time onwards the fabric is actually a blend of two different cultures. Continue reading Banarasi Fabric – A Perfect Piece of Art and Style