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Most Common Handloom Sarees to Flaunt During Wedding Season


If you are planning what to wear or what kind of saree to choose this wedding season then handloom sarees definitely should include in your shopping list. You definitely can’t miss weaing them in your wedding. You might have heard somewhere that this particular type of saree is too simple to wear in your wedding but you need to correct your facts. Gone are those days when handloom sarees were underestimated as nowadays these sarees are considered suitable to wear during a grand wedding celebration. There are different kinds of handloom sarees in Kolkata which are found because most of the fashion designers choose to craft the handloom sarees beautifully and make them suitable to wear in a wedding.

Banarasi Sarees – Elegant and Royal indeed

No doubt the most popular handloom sarees is the Banarasi Sarees which is rich in colour and also well decorated with gold, silver, zari work and the composite design which are done in the Banarasi sarees set it apart from any another kind of sarees. Continue reading Most Common Handloom Sarees to Flaunt During Wedding Season

Stay Stylish and Gorgeous With Exquisite Handloom Sarees

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Handloom Sarees no doubt can bring wonder to your wardrobe and also is one of the richest textiles in the Indian culture. Handloom sarees which are found in either cotton or silk fabric is not only making you look classy but also apt to upgrade your fashion statement. So, to maintain the tradition and authenticity it is must that you also owe a handloom saree.

We definitely like handloom sarees but do we know how it is weaved? How the labour makes effort to make the handloom sarees? On an average more than three people required to weave one handloom saree. The saree actually takes 3-4 days to get completed. Mostly the weavers run a small scale business and weave the sarees in their home only. While the patterns or the embroidered work is done through a jacquard machine. Continue reading Stay Stylish and Gorgeous With Exquisite Handloom Sarees