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All about Ravishing Art Silk Fabric

Art silk fabric kolkata

Artificial silk or art silk fabric Kolkata is quite popular and it is manufactured with the help of synthetic fiber like rayon that very much look alike that of silk fiber but it does not cost less in manufacture or production. Different kinds of ethnic attires are made of art silk fabric so that it becomes cost effective and every person can experience the ravishing silk saree.

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Printed Silk Sarees- Fashionable and cost effective

printed silk sarees

Printed Silk Sarees are nothing but a kind of sarees made of silk yarn that has beautiful patterns and designs in the shape of prints on the sarees. Actually, it is somewhat different from the original silk sarees as the weaving is manipulated is such a way that the prints cannot get separated from the sarees. Printed silk sarees is more of a modern concept which is used to stylize the silk fabric and also the buyers find this type of saree to be cost effective. It also comes in many varieties in the market. Silk indeed is one of the oldest ethnic fabrics in India. It is absolutely fit to use in any royal garments, formal wear. Experimentation with traditional sarees led the emergence of brocades which also included versatile motifs that are made of colored silk threads. Continue reading Printed Silk Sarees- Fashionable and cost effective

Come to Kolkata for Your Next Designer Silk Saree

kolkata designer silk sarees

With the abundant availability of high quality designer silk fabrics, ground breaking fashion designers and a steady supply of ever enthusiastic shoppers, Kolkata is turning from the city of joy to the city of designer silk sarees.

Kolkata is known all around the world as the famed ‘City of Joy’. With its lush green Maidan, to its colonial architecture, this city is a sweet heart to its residents and to many people all over the world. Lately, Kolkata is also coming into notice with all the new innovations it is making in the field of fashion. Kolkata designer silk sarees are becoming a thing for the fashion people around the country. With brand new boutiques popping up like wild mushrooms every day along with the already existing rich heritage of designer silk saree institutions Kolkata designers are attracting a lot of attention in the fashion world. Continue reading Come to Kolkata for Your Next Designer Silk Saree

Showcase Your Love for Eccentric Printed Silk Sarees

Print sarees are something that every women would love to have inher closet. Saree lovers are known to harbour a definite love interest for women who are have fascination for sarees. Irrespective of the occasion concerned, a saree can always make you turn heads.

“Love for eccentric prints are in the air”. However, I do not quite completely this statement. This is primarily because love for prints have always been an evident part on behalf of fabric lovers. Thus you can be assured about a sole fact that you will never run out of options in your hunts for printed silk sarees in Kolkata.

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