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Must Have Regional Sarees in Every Woman’s Trousseau

ethnic dress fabric

In India, every state has some of its own cultures and also techniques of craftsmanship that actually have its own kind of designs, colours, and textures as it actually gets used. Over the years different kind of techniques is used to weave the beautiful contemporary sarees. If anyone has a different palette of fashion inspiration then India is the right place where you must look for. Different kinds of ethnic dress fabric are available here that are rich in motifs, embroidered work, mirror work as well as jewellery. Let’s look at some most favourite and must have sarees to be included in every woman’s trousseau.

Rajasthani Bandhani Saree

Bandhani is generally taken from the Sanskrit word banda (“to tie”). This is also considered as a traditional fabric in Kolkata is actually kind of a textile that is derived from a type of technique known as tie-dye. The technique needs a lot of manual labour and the entire fabric is decorated by plucking the textile with the help of your fingers into many small bindings. This technique provides the saree a figurative design.

Style tip– This kind of saree is best for the women those who are having slim or hourglass kind of a body shape. Continue reading Must Have Regional Sarees in Every Woman’s Trousseau

A Little Improvisation in Your Dupatta Is All That You Need

Ethnicity has been an indispensable part of the Indian dressing culture since times immemorial. Right from the historic tale of Shakuntala all the way to the modern fashion arena, this traditional fabric have been weaving their charm ever since.


If you have been of the notion that you cannot improvise on the dupatta that you wear, then you are certainly mistaken. A bit of research will help you know that you can add on a lot of variation to the dupattas that you adorn. Continue reading A Little Improvisation in Your Dupatta Is All That You Need