Channelize Your Inner Traditional Vibe With Beautiful Sarees

handloom sarees Kolkata

Sarees help to celebrate feminism with grace. Handloom sarees Kolkata present amazing variations in colourful prints blended with comforting fabric.

Sarees are considered to be the favourite attire of every woman. Be it a festival or an office area, sarees can be draped for all purposes and places and bring out the true beauty and charm of a woman.

The cotton silk sarees in Kolkata have gained a good popularity due to the extremely soothing quality of the fabric used for weaving these. Cotton silk is the combination of the two most broadly used fabrics – silk and cotton. If the positivity of both these fabrics is tuned then the definition of cotton silk can be brought out.

This hybrid cloth or material has been widely accepted by the Indian ladies. Though this fabric is actually the cheaper version of the silk but still is more popular than pure silk.  While bringing this into existence the initial thought was to mix the plus points of the well demanding fabrics.

The softness of the undefined silk material along with the comforting and cushion like fabric cotton made it a big hit. It is truly a skin friendly textile yard.

Cotton silk sarees exude the quintessence of simplicity at its best. These wears carry the trait of supreme level of serenity and modesty when these are draped. Every saree of this material bears a very soft hand touch and demand just a nominal maintenance and care. The market showrooms and the online stores have presented the most trendy and comfy range of cotton silk sarees.

The collection grabs the attention of many due to the appealing prints and designs. The delicacy of handmade embroidery works, thread stitches and weavings and pure zari works all over the attire is done to contrast the border and the pallu.

Many of the prints are found to be similar to the nature and surroundings. Geometrical patterns are also preferred a lot and are sure to make you stare at the collection. These are appropriate for casual gatherings, office premises and for festive purposes too. Simple and decent jewelleries go well with these. The plates can be wrapped neatly and pinned to the shoulder if wearing for office or else the pallu can be loosened off without pleating if going for any informal event.

Handloom sarees – A traditional textile art of the country.

  1. Handloom sarees are weaved in more numbers in the rural areas as compared to the urbane places. Generally it takes a minimum of three days for the completion of a handloom saree. The designs differ according to the places or states.
  2. There are several types of these sarees weaved with different techniques. The collection of handloom sarees Kolkata is light weighted and comfortable to wear and are of distinct prints and designs.
  3. The weavers of the city use a fly-shuffle loom to produce diverse patterns. The fabric quality is the best. Handloom saree weaving in villages are their only source of income and livelihood.