Choose Better, Look Best: The Right Fabric For Your Exclusive Outfits

ethnic fabric clothes

Indian ethnic clothes use fabrics of different kinds including silk, cotton, crepe, chiffon, banarasi brocade, etc. The good quality fabric ensures you have a pleasant experience while wearing an outfit. It can also deeply enhance the look and feel of your outfit to a great extent. Often designers claim that finalizing on a design or style of an outfit is way easier than choosing the fabric for it. Thus, fabrics play a great role in comfortability, fitting, flexibility, and matching. 

As discussed earlier, whether you are walking into a fabric store for any DIY project or for a clothing haul, choosing the right fabric is a tough task. Especially if you are shopping for teenagers,  or kids as they are very picky and also have softer skin than any adult. 

Here is a handy guide that hopefully will help you choose the perfect fabric for your ethnic and indo-western clothes. 


There is nothing that can beat the comfortability of this fabric. Simple, elegant, and a common favourite among all, cotton fabric kurtas, dresses, palazzos, skirts are all extremely popular. Affordable, easy to clean, and maintain, you can swear by cotton during the scorching summer months. The only shortcoming is it easily stretches and is susceptible to wearing out over time. 


A lightweight fabric that breathes extremely well in hot weather, linen is slowly turning out to be an all-rounder. Linen apparel can give the casual chic look or you can take it a notch higher by giving you a classy, vintage look. Moreover, linen textiles can be woven or knitted and today linen is a popular choice of fabric not only for apparel but also for furnishings and beddings. 


Initially, silk was only limited to the imperial family and regarded as a luxury fabric. With time it became accessible to everyone all across the world. However, its popularity in India and other Asian countries is maximum. Silk is preferred by women when buying designer suits, gowns, sarees, and lehengas. Even silk fabric kurtas in Kolkata are hugely popular as it gives a regal look that is enough to make you the talk of the party. 


The grandeur associated with banarasi fabrics is indubitable. One of the quality silks has its glamour hidden in the magnificence of the rich brocade works. A love story that will never cease to exist, the self-indulgent fabric is a window to culture, heritage, and traditions. Rich, opulent, luxurious banarasi fabrics are a perfect choice for any extravagant occasion. Be it weddings, engagements, anniversaries, or any festive occasion, never skip out on exquisite banarasi prints, motifs, and designs.  

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