Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Lehenga Choli

lehenga fabric

When we talk about traditional Indian outfits then the first thing that comes to our mind is about any gorgeous embroidery or thread like work. No doubt, that those embellishments are beautiful as well as add a charm in simple lehenga. Many women buy lehenga fabric and stitch the entire lehenga choli. There are different kind of lehenga choli found like fits, straight cut, circular cut or a- line cut. But it is important that you know the features of different kind of fabrics that is used for stitching your lehenga.

Cool Cotton

Wearing cotton lehenga in Indian wedding is one of the best options during summer months. There are many designers who buy fabric wholesale and convert the traditional lehenga look into innovative ones which definitely no woman can turn down. Cotton is really a suitable fabric in tropical climates. Also, there is a huge benefit of using cotton fabric because it helps to get a richer look and can easily blend with another kind of fabrics like crepe or silk.

Rich Silk

Yes absolutely you will look gorgeous in rich silk lehenga. Silk has always associated with rich fabric and royalty. Today also silk is associated with lavish dressing. A silk fabric can easily be used to make a beautiful lehenga, without including any enhancement on it.

Royal velvet

If silk is not enough to add a touch of royalty in your lehenga then velvet can surely do the work. Velvet fabric is actually dyed in bright fabrics like maroon, red, blue, green and many other colours. Simple lehenga with minimum detailing of velvet is absolutely very attractive. Velvet in older days is only included in royal attire but nowadays even in lehenga also this fabric is used immensely to get that royal look. Also, there is a soft form of velvet fabric which is used to make lehengas.


Chiffon lehengas are the new in and the fabric is made of silk, cotton, polyester or rayon. This fabric no doubt gives you a light look that will give you a unique look if you wear the lehenga. You can also pair up your lehenga with brocade blouse, silver embroidery to get an attractive look.


Many designers believe that the best fabric for lehenga choli is one that will be absolutely fluid. It is considered as one of the most wonderful fabrics and elegant too. Other modern fabric which is used to make lehenga is crepe and also it looks elegant.


Though the fabric did not evolve in India but since our ancestral time, the fabric is actually imported in our country. The satin fabric is created with the amalgamation of silk, cotton, and wool. Mostly, this fabric is used in simple lehengas to get an attractive look. Also, due to its shiny look, an intrinsic richness gets incorporated into the outfit.