Choose The Right Garments To Wear In Summer.

Explore the exclusive summer collection of Aparnaa and include the most soothing yet beautifully printed fabrics like cotton, linen, etc. in your wardrobe.

The scorching summer heat cause excessive sweating, can lead to dehydration, and can even get rashes. However, one can prevent some of the problems by choosing to dress smartly and wearing the right garments to beat the summer heat. The latest summer collection of Aparnaa includes different styles of comfy outfits fabricated with the most relaxing and softest textiles.

This Summer, Stick To The Cotton Fabrics

Cotton is a hit in summers because of its sweat absorbing property. This fabric absorbs all the sweat content from the body and allows it to get evaporated into the air. It works like a soft towel that wicks the moisture away from the skin and discourages the growth of the bacteria and the yeast. This factor makes cotton the ideal fabric for the hot summer season. It keeps the wearer cool throughout the day and prevents the growth of infections. One must avoid the synthetic fabrics as much as possible. Most of the other fabrics unlike the natural fabrics are not breathable. So when the wearer sweats, the sweat does not get dried off easily.

Opt For The Lighter Colors To Stay Cool in Summer

Colors like yellow, white, beige, and the other lighter shades help the wearer to stay cool even in the hot days because these colors have the property of reflecting most of the rays of the sun back into the atmosphere. On the other hand, the darker shades tend to absorb the sun’s rays and lock in the heat, thus, making the wearer feel even hotter.

Wear The Loose Fitted Outfits

In summer season, it is advised to avoid wearing the tight fitted clothes, which restrict the body circulation. The blood vessels of the wearer tend to expand in the summer days so that her body can cool down by letting the heat escape through her skin. Just remember to put on the loose fitted apparels and the airy clothes for allowing the free circulation of blood.

Choose The Right Summer Style

Summer season is synonymous with the sleeveless, or the short length dresses. However, these garments are not the right choices for the hot days. These styles of clothes expose the skin of the wearer directly to the sun’s rays, thus, inviting problems such as heat rashes and UV damage. While is advised to apply sunscreen prior going out of the house, a lot of people do not actually do so, thus, leaving the skin exposed and vulnerable. The heat also makes the skin extremely dry. The exposed skin becomes stiff and more prone to wrinkles and aging. If one thinks of the people living in the driest areas of the country like the desert areas that is in the Middle East. They wear loose clothes, which covers their skin from head to toe, chiefly for protecting the skin from the extremely hot climatic condition there. The perfect clothing options for the summer days are the loose pants or skirts with baggy tops. Loosely fitted cotton kurtis are also good to stay cool in summers. Check out the latest stock of the reputed Fashion Fabric Stores in South Kolkata to get the right fabrics in the right prices.