Come to Kolkata for Your Next Designer Silk Saree

kolkata designer silk sarees

With the abundant availability of high quality designer silk fabrics, ground breaking fashion designers and a steady supply of ever enthusiastic shoppers, Kolkata is turning from the city of joy to the city of designer silk sarees.

Kolkata is known all around the world as the famed ‘City of Joy’. With its lush green Maidan, to its colonial architecture, this city is a sweet heart to its residents and to many people all over the world. Lately, Kolkata is also coming into notice with all the new innovations it is making in the field of fashion. Kolkata designer silk sarees are becoming a thing for the fashion people around the country. With brand new boutiques popping up like wild mushrooms every day along with the already existing rich heritage of designer silk saree institutions Kolkata designers are attracting a lot of attention in the fashion world.

Reasons for this Monumental Rise

Kolkata is the main metropolitan city of the eastern part of India and is often considered by many to be the intellectual capital of the country. With this massive responsibility of expectation on its burden to produce pieces of art, the fashion scene of Kolkata is not disappointing. The main reasons for this monumental rise are:

  • Famous Designers of the Country – Kolkata over the last decade has produced the best fashion designers of this country. Be it Sabyasachi Mukherjee or Agnimitra Paul or Ritu Kumar, fashion designing has become one of the prime professions that people are going for. Due to this sudden influx of so much talent, there are many designer silk boutiques that have been opened up by prospective entrepreneurs with a bright young designer at its helm.
  • Abundance of Market Places – Kolkata is a city full of shoppers. Kolkatans shop from expensive boutiques, thrift shops, shopping malls and anywhere they can spot a piece of their dreams. Be it Durga puja shopping or be it a year end sale Kolkata shoppers are always ready to buy the new piece of design available in the market. Due to this abundant supply of enthusiastic shoppers, business concerns are opening up more and more boutiques and designer shops and most of them are coming out in the green after a year or so. This environment has been very conducive to creativity and designers are experimenting with their art. This is propelling the city’s rise as the place where experimentation with fashion is being done.

Wholesale silk fabric in Kolkata is abundantly available right now. Along with its rising fashion scene and the ever enthusiastic Kolkata shopper mopping up everything you throw at them, this city is also turning into a hotbed for bridal fashion tourism in the country. People used to go to south India to buy their silk before, but now, prospective brides are taking a mandatory trip to the ‘city of joy’ to peruse through the collection of designer sarees of the famous designers. It is truly a remarkable time to be a fashion designer in Kolkata right now.