All about cotton silk sarees and their varying styles.


cotton silk sarees in KolkataNow, let’s discuss about the very popular, elegant, and comfortable sarees, the cotton silk sarees in Kolkata and their varying styles.

Due to the varying styles, cotton silk sarees in Kolkata has become extremely popular. Here’s the complete information about these beautiful, classy, and comfortable drapes. Let’s keep on reading the lines below.

A simple cotton silk saree : A simple cotton silk saree can be distinguished with its plain and simple designs. Cotton silk fabric is actually the proportionate blend of cotton and silk. Simple designs on this gleaming yet soft and comfortable saree can be the right pick for both the casual as well as the special occasions. A simple cotton silk saree with no designs on the body but with a golden border or a shining border of any contrasting shade can make you look simply gorgeous besides being in comfort for several hours. These are not at all heavy. You can find these gorgeous options if you visit the popular stores having a huge collection of designer silk sarees Kolkata. All you need to do is to pick the right color according to the occasion.

Modern and abstract prints : Sarees, being one of the most popular Indian attires, keep on evolving in new styles and designs from time to time. A new variety is the cotton silk saree that is also found to have modern and abstract prints and patterns on it that makes it look even more trendy. When any of the sarees from the collection of silk cotton sarees in Kolkata are paired up with designer blouses or a simple sleeveless blouse can make you look uber chic. If you visit any of the popular saree stores in the city like Aparnaa Fashion, you will get to see many cotton silk sarees with plain body and heavy abstract work on the pallu. This is in vogue now.

The intrinsic indigo prints and patterns : An Indigo patterned or printed cotton silk saree is an absolute delight to drape. It looks simply bohemian, exotic, and voguish. Such a saree, when styled up with metallic chunky fashion jewelleries, gives an ethnic and a boho feel. The options for such cotton silk saree designs are never-ending and are perfect for a luncheon or a casual hangout. So, if you are inclined towards a little bit of indo-boho sarees then this should be your pick. The indigo printed and patterned cotton silk sarees can be draped in different styles like the half dhoti style, the neck drape style, or any other style you like.

Cotton silk designer sarees : The above-discussed sarees were all pretty simple and did not have any heavy embroidery works or heavy designs. A cotton silk designer saree is much flashy and heavier too. The intricate embroidery works all over the drapes or in some portions of them in different colors make the collection even more stunning. These types of cotton silk sarees can be picked for all special occasion where it is mandatory for you to look simply gorgeous. These are available in a plethora of colors and in varieties of designs. These are extremely classy. These sarees are made to balance both simplicity and gorgeousness. You can find floral designs, animal figures, boota works, tiny motifs, and many other choices on exploring the collection.

South cotton silk sarees : The checked patterns or you can say the checkered designs have been there in the market for a long time and have been the hit, especially in the South Indian states. If you explore the South Indian cotton silk sarees you will come across these patterns for sure. These sarees are also found adorned with beautiful designs and motifs. Perfect for team lunch, office premises too. You can find these drapes in Kolkata too in many popular saree shops.
All the above-mentioned varieties of cotton silk sarees should be there in your fashion closet if you are just a fan of wearing stylish yet comfortable sarees.