Elite Laces That Inter Knit the Chic with Age Old Tradition

In case you do not have a clear idea as to what a lace is, it is vital to get a fair amount idea about the same. A lace is primarily a type of open work fabric that is created through the process of knotting and looping a particular variety of thread used. One of the prime specialities of a lace lies in the fact that it can be created both through artificial as well as natural methods. Two distinct varieties of laces that are incorporated within draperies are – the Bobbin lace and the needlepoint lace.

Silk Fabric

The application of lace in an Indian saree

Enterprises like Aparnaa have moved on to become one of the best laces manufacturer in Kolkata. Speaking of this, the prime motive behind the application of laces in case of Indian attires is to bring about a chic and modern look within it. The entire modification is done keeping the traditional essence of the apparel quite alive.
The usage of laces in sarees though have been in trend for a few years, it has been popularized to a great extent by individual fashion designers in their attempt to incorporate creativity within regular sarees. There has been denying the fact that several renowned designers have taken lace work to a complete new level. Some of the most common categories of laces that are used in the making of sarees are:

  • Alencon laces
  • Guipure laces
  • Crochet laces
  • Textured laces
  • Chantilly laces

A crochet lace saree is usually the most preferred one by individuals for lavish occasions. The prime reason that has contributed to the growing popularity of this particular kind of lace is the lustrous and rich look that is emitted by it. Crochet laces are mostly available on a background of white, gold or cream colours giving it the required rich look at all times.

Contribution meted out by the Aparnaa lineage

Through time the lineage of Aparnaa stores has emerged to become one of the largest silk fabric wholesaler in the metropolitan city of Kolkata. With exclusive variations in colour and texture, the enterprise ensures that the products and fabrics that you purchase is worth the pinch in the pocket. Adding on to the convenience of fabric lovers, the entrepreneurs of the hub have created facilities for fabrics to be availed from both retail as well as online stores.
Laces are in this season and if you are yet in the league, its time you join!