Everything You Need to Know About Shibori Dupattas

shibori fabricShibori Dupattas are very popular. Especially the shibori dupattas Kolkata has to offer is amazing. Here are some interesting facts about Shibori fabric.

Fashion is when we successfully blend traditional techniques in modern fashion requirements. Shibori is one of the most popular ethnic crafts. Shibori fabric for dupattas is extremely popular. The beautifully crafted shibori dupattas Kolkata offers is much loved by young girls.

Here are Some Facts About Shibori:-

  • What is the meaning of shibori?

    Shibori comes from the Japanese word ‘Shibori’. It is a verb. It means “to wring, squeeze, press.” he craftsmen shape and secure the cloth in a number of ways before dying by binding, knotting, etc.

  • How is Shibori Done?

     Nui Shibori is the most common shibori technique. The craftsmen use running stitch and then the stitch is pulled tight enough to gather the cloth. To pull the cloth tight a wooden dowel is used. They then give a knot to each thread before dyeing.

  • Where is the origin of Shibori?

    It is strange but true that though Shibori is a Japanese craft, the origin is in China. It became popular in Japan during the 17th and 19th Century, during the Edo Period. Then the lower classes were not allowed to wear silk. Shibori originated as an alternative to it. Soon it gained popularity among all.

  • Which fabric goes best with Shibori?

    Traditionally people use cotton for making shibori. However, nowadays many different types of fabric can also create a Shibori pattern.

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