Explore the Versatility and Varieties of Banarasi Silk Fabric

wholesale fabrics KolkataNothing can beat the royal look of banarasi fabric when it is all about wedding. Get banarasi fabric clothes for your wedding from the range of ethnic fabrics clothes.

Banarasi silk is one of the most royal variants of silk that originated in the city of Varanasi. Sarees woven from this fabric is extremely famous all over the country especially when it comes to special occasions like wedding. For wedding, the first ethnic fabric clothes that a bride looks for in a store are the banarasi silk clothes.

With its mention in Mahabharata, Banarasi silk has seeped its roots into the prestigious and rich cultural heritage of the country. Banarasi silk was originally created using real silver and gold threads. Presently, only four main varieties of banarasi silk exist in the market. According to the embellishments and designs, these four varieties can further be divided into six categories or segments. The raw materials used for crafting the designs or weaving the fabrics are not the catalysts of these variations.

The Categories are Named As the Tanchoi, Jangla, Cutwork, Butidar, Tissue, and the Last but the most popular Jamdani Banarasi:-

  • Jamdani: – It is the industrial variant of figured muslin fabric. In the jamdani banarasi fabric, the silk fabric is brocaded with cotton.
  • Jangla Banarasi Fabric: – Jangla sarees or fabrics are actually crafted with different colors of threads to flaunt the festive look. Jangla sarees are known for their beautiful and elaborate designs.
  • Tanchoi Silk: – Tanchoi silk sarees or fabrics use colorful and extra-weft threads or yarns for forming the outlines. The designs are shown as maze.
  • Tissue Silk Sarees or Fabrics: – These drapes are the perfect blend of silk and zari. It is the most beautiful use of golden threads on fine textiles.
  • Cutwork Fabrics or Sarees: – These drapes are weaved and designed using the cutwork technique on plain textured fabrics. Cutwork is done after the eradication of the floated yarns. If you want to flaunt a dazzling look then this can be your ultimate pick.
  • Butidar Sarees or Fabrics: – These are the deep blue silk fabrics that are brocaded with silk threads (mostly of silver and golden colors). Because of the alternative use of light and dark shades used in these drapes, these are also termed as the Ganga-Jamuna fabrics.

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