The Most Exquisite Silk Varieties Which You Can’t Resist Yourself from Buying


Silk is the largest used fabric in India to prepare the most gorgeous attire for women. Silk fabric contributes to the manufacture of exquisite sarees and salwar kameezes which are two most popular Indian ethnic wear and which dominates world fashion of women.

Silk has a large number of beautiful varieties. Out of them, the most popular are concisely described here:

  • Banarasi Silk: It originates from Banaras. It is strikingly exquisite. Marvelous gold or silver work of brocade and zari contributes to its speciality. Sarees made of silk becomes first shopping choice for women on festive occasions.
  • Dharamavaram Silk: It originates from Andhra Pradesh. Its striking feature is the magnificent golden plate borders. Dharamavaram Silk sarees have become must-buys for women for wedding occasions.
  • Narayanpet Silk: It has its roots in Andhra Pradesh. Its eye-catchiness lies in its beautiful ethnic borders (inspired by esteemed temples in India) and rich embroidery work. Sarees made of this silk variety are most appropriate for attending various religious occasions.
  • Paat Silk: It is manufactured in Eastern part of India. Its richness lies in its awesome white or off-white shades and earns customer preference due to its durability, fine texture and appreciable brightness.
  • Kanchipuram Silk: It originates from the village of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Brilliant texture combined with excellent shine contributes to its splendour. High durability is also an important characteristic of this premier silk variety.
  • Mulberry Silk: It is the purest silk variety. It is directly obtained from silkworms. It is usually available in white, yellow and greenish-yellow colours and contributes ion the manufacture of some classic ethnic wear of women.
  • Tussar Silk: Only India produces this silk variety. The magnificent golden lustre on it creates instant fascination in women.
  • Kosa Silk: It is one kind of Tussar Silk. It has its roots in Chhattisgarh. It is characterized by soft texture and dull-brownish appearance. It is generally available in rare colours like gold pale and dark honey.
  • Bhagalpuri Silk: It originates from the state of west Bengal. It is the ultimate silk variety. It’s incredible elasticity and outstanding texture makes its strikingly exquisite.
  • Garad Silk: It is another popular silk variety. It has its roots in West Bengal. The beautiful red borders and the fabulous small design patterns on it are result of outstanding weaving of multiple silk yarns in closeness. It has an impressive texture.

Indian women ethnic wears made of silk are regarded as fabric masterpieces worldwide because of their ability to ensure divine appearance of women.

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