Fabric Fashion ProTip: The Perfect Blend Of Textures And Patterns

What’s style without the perfect balance of textures and patterns in your outfits? If you want to know everything about Designer fabrics, then read this blog. 

It is worth mentioning that prints actually empower our body silhouette. Horizontal lines in the fabrics make us look wider whereas vertical line does the opposite. Sall prints can make you look subtle while large patterns highlight your figure perfectly. Aparnaa fabrics are quintessentially made to make you look your best. 

Creativity By Mixing Textures And Patterns 

The texture in a fabric can potentially add a different dimension to the outfit you wear. Moreover, mixing two distinct textures along with balanced colours and patterns can make heads turn in a room full of people. For instance, when you match a silky floral print blouse with floral jeans, it makes an exceptional style statement. 

  1. Silk And Velvet 

Using fabrics as a contrasting mechanism is an excellent idea. To achieve this look, make sure to stick it with a classic silhouette and mix it up with contrasting fabrics. A cream silk top looks drop-dead gorgeous when you pair it with striking velvet pants. Additionally, the silhouette of the velvet pants can combine some extraordinary cinching around the waist. These fabrics are completely different which creates an amazing contrast. 

  1. Sequin And Cotton 

In addition to fabric, one plays with heavy textures, including sequin and cotton. Remember that this is a bold as well as glamorous combination. A lot of people are scared to pull out these looks. But this mashup can take your fashion game to the next level. You can always begin by playing with key details that create a difference- such as a sequin dress with cotton jackets or scarves. You can complement the look with beautiful accessories as well. 

  1. Muslin And South Cotton

While cotton is a natural fibre, muslin is made up of a gauzy, lightweight fabric. The combination of these two fabrics can make you look 10 times more gorgeous. For instance, if you are opting for a muslin Kurta. Make sure to blend it up with a dupatta that’s made up of south cotton fabric. Not only are these fabrics comfortable but also enhance your beauty.

  1. Satin And Silk

Both silk and satin form a perfect combination for any occasion. These two materials have a wide use by people owing to their smoothness. Though both these fabrics have similar features but are very different in each sense. Pair your silk outfit with a satin addition and be ready to turn some heads. 


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