Learning a little more about the luscious laces.

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Laces are easily available if one looks for fabric wholesale in kolkata. But it is important to know a bit more about it. Here is a write-up that tells us more.

Laces are much in demand these days. Any garment manufacturer in Kolkata would definitely look forward to keep some laces. One can purchase from stores or can procure online. All one has to do is to type “ borders and laces kolkata. Or even: fabric wholesale in kolkata.

It is interesting to know a bit more about the most versatile embellishment to any fabric.

Lace is a type of self-patterned fabric done by machines. Laces are created by looping, braiding or twisting a thread. It can be made of cotton, silk or rayon. The ultimate effect of lace is such that it has open weave with transparent or semi-transparent visible spaces in between.

The concept of lace can be traced to about late 15th century. The threads that were used to make laces were of linen, silk or even silver and gold. Lace was used as an embellishment of dresses for the royalty and of the upper class women and men. The earlier version of the laces were made of linen, but after that cotton threads too were used.

The French revolution and industrial revolution of the 19th century brought in the rampant use of machines and as a result the manufacturing cost of laces became much lesser.

From being the exclusive ‘property’ of the rich and elite, laces now began to be used by the middle class women too.

In East Asia, lace was introduced in the late 19th century.

In India, lace was popularized mainly by the British. Gradually the elite Indian women too adopted the graceful beauty of laces and began to use it for blouse sleeves or for borders in sarees.

In modern India, laces have a very important place in designer and fashion wear. From gowns to light weight lehengas to saree borders, no design-wear is complete without the use of it.

The benefits of using laces are many :

* Being light weight , it doesn’t add much weight to the garment as a whole.

* Lace has a certain elegance to it that is unmatched. Overall it adds grace to the garment.

* Laces are available in a wide range of cost. Hence it can be used as an affordable embellishment to dresses as well.

* It is versatile in use. From frocks to blouses to Kurtis to borders of sarees – it can be used everywhere.

* Laces are especially popular in children’s garments too.

* Being washable, it is very much a user-friendly piece of garment.

Laces can be of a wide variety  : Chantilly lace, Guipure lace, Lyon lace, Corded lace, Embroidered lace, Lace appliqué.

Each variety has it’s own unique usage and look. Designers choose the lace as per the fabric they are using on and the garment that they are trying to use it on.

Though people often confuse between laces and borders, both are not the same. Borders are often rolls of fabric on which embroidery and embellishment is done externally. Laces on the other hand are self-designed where the threads are interwoven to form the design.

Good wholesalers keep different varieties of laces. Nowadays, online procurement of the same is also possible.