Handloom Sarees And Their Never-Ending Legacy In India!

Indian fashion is dominating the world today. Everywhere people are talking about fabrics made in India. And handloom fabric is a classic example. Know more. 

The most distinctive trait of Indian women is that they look for a sustainable fabric along with style. Because they aim to promote Indian fashion all over the world. Undoubtedly, handloom clothes are the most comfortable fabric of all. In this blog, we are going to unleash some interesting facts about this wondrous fabric. So, keep reading. 

A Brief History Of Handloom Fibre 

Just like other forms of art that date back to ancient times, weaving is also an exemplary art. Millions of options are available to make you look your best. However, the history of handloom fibre is as ancient as the Indus valley civilization. 

Researchers and their studies show whorls as well as spindles in the excavation. This depicts the complete story of handloom weaving. Moreover, weaving and spinning technology was present from the Vedic Period. It is also a common belief that this technique was more advanced during that time. 

Each village in India has its own weaver that processes the natural fibres. Then, he offers them a new shape in accordance with different apparel. Among all these clothes, Saree is commonly worn in the country. Almost every woman here loves to wear it. 

Amalgamation Of Handloom Fabric With Different Sarees

  1. Handloom And Banarasi Designs

A lot of people believe that Banarasi craft goes well only with silk. However, it is no less than a myth because multiple handwoven fabrics come into the Banarasi umbrella. The blend of handloom in Banarasi sarees indicates dignity, which gives Indian women the privilege to wear it on special occasions. Furthermore, the dainty designs are a symbol of pride for most Indian women. 

  1. Silk Chanderi Sarees And Handloom

In the list of elegant sarees, how can we forget Chanderi Sarees? They have been in trend for quite a long time. It has its origins in a small town, known as Chanderi. The intrinsic patterns along with rich motifs narrate the complete story of this outstanding fabric. Handloom chanderi sarees radiate the beautiful glow that every woman possesses within. 

  1. Handloom Kanjivaram Silk Saree

There is no doubt in the fact that Kanjivaram sarees have now become the first preference of most ladies. The traditional craftsmen of India weave the handloom silk sarees and their appealing borders. Furthermore, the blend of Kanchipuram silk along with Zari threads takes a significant amount of time for giving different angles to the outfits. 


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