High Quality Fabric Enables Indian Ethnic Wear Rule World Fashion


India is a country with rich cultural diversity. All the states of the country has their respective cultures and respective traditions. Each state of India has its unique traditional dress which reflect its cultural heritage. Indian women ethnic wear is so exquisite in look and feel that it attracts women from all corners of the globe as valuable additions to their respective wardrobes. More importantly, it is the fabric which immensely adds to the gorgeousness of a woman attire.

Here, the most popular Indian women attire are concisely described:

Saree – It is a timeless Indian women wear. It is available in extensive varieties and dazzling colour combinations. Cotton and silk are the most dominant saree fabrics. It is the most worn Indian ethnic wear across the globe. Women of all regions of India wear this attire. The most exquisite types include Banarasi Silk, Kanchipurram Silk, Kanjeevaram silk, Paithani, Tant, Chanderi and others. The majority of women in the states of West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu wear Cotton and Silk Sarees. Paithani sarees and Nauvari sarees are highly popular in Maharashtra. Maheshwari sarees and Chanderi sarees are extensively worn in Madhya Pradesh. The Saree is worn most extensively by women irrespective of age and occasion.

Salwar Kameez – It is an evergreen Indian ethnic wear, mostly worn by women in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi and West Bengal. It is suitable for wearing for all types of climatic conditions. It is available of various gorgeous colour combinations and highly impressive designs. Cotton, silk, Crepe, Georgette and wool are the five fabrics of which the salwar kameez is prepared. After saree, it is the most popular Indian women ethnic wear. It is worn by women in both official as well as non-official occasions.

Kurta – It is another widely worn women attire. It is mainly made of Cotton. It is available of large number of attractive designs and rich colour combinations. It is now worn by women at parties, festivities and cultural programs.

lehenga-cholis – It is a very common attire worn by Indian women in various festivals and wedding occasions. Silk is the most dominant fabric for this Indian women wear. Apart from silk, chiffon, georgette, net and velvet are the newer fabrics which are used to prepare lehenga-cholis. Lehenga-cholis have been worn by women in India since the Mughal era. Now, it is available in extensive attractive varieties and are worn in all types of special occasions. A special feature of this attire is the exquisite golden or silver embroidery work and the embellishment with dazzling stones.

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