How to Take Care of the Beautiful South Silk Sarees

Kolkata is the hub for sarees and the south silk sarees in Kolkata are especially very popular. Here’s on better upkeep of south silk sarees for longevity.

Kolkata is known for its silk sarees. There are a variety of silk sarees which are available here. The people have Kolkata are not hesitant to embrace different types of silk sarees. The popularity of the south silk sarees in Kolkata is always on the higher side. There are several reasons for this.

  • South Silk sarees in general are gorgeous sarees and make for a lovely wear. They make for a popular wear especially during the festivals and marriages. Just draping of a south silk is enough to attend a wedding. One really needn’t wear expensive jewellery.
  • Each of the region of south India have their own weave and each weave has its own unique style. So there are a variety of weaves and designs to be selected from. Beautiful south silks from different regions are available at popular fabric stores at a reasonable rate. One of the good thing about south silks is that, if they are maintained well then they last for a very long time. However certain rules are to be followed while maintaining these sarees, so that they can be worn for ages:
  • South silk sarees are best given for Dry Clean wash in good laundry. This helps protect the colour of the sarees as well as the sheen of the Zari border.
  • If Dry Cleaning is not possible, then for the first three washes, it must be washed only with cold, plain water without applying any soaps or detergents. Following this, washing may be done with shampoo. It must be hand-washed and precautions must be taken to avoid the zari region.It is best to wash these sarees with Soap nuts which are natural rather than harsh chemicals.
  • South silk sarees must never be wrung. They must just be hung at a place and the water shoup be allowed to drip off as much as possible.
  • These sarees must never be dried in direct sunlight and should be dried at a shady place, preferably indoors.
  • Ironing of these sarees is extremely tricky and must never be ironed directly. Instead a cloth must be placed over it and then the ironing must be done.
  • If the saree acquires a stain then it must immediately be washed with cold water without the application of any soap.
  • The longevity of these sarees can be ensured by folding with the zari inwards and then keep in wrapped with soft muslin cloth. Two sarees should never be in touch with each other because the friction may destroy the zari part of it.
  • The folded sarees must be unfolded and then refolded along other folding lines – this must be done once in three months to avoid the saree being frayed along the crease.
  • While storing it must be ensured that there is no direct exposure to sunlight.
  • The sarees must be kept away from harsh chemicals like perfumes or insect repellents or naphthalene balls.

If the above steps are maintained then preserving south silks for a long period of time is not difficult.