Informative Facts on the Evergreen Tussar Silk Sarees

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Often termed as ‘wild silk’, Tussar is an amazing variety of thread that is derived from a particular kind of moth with the scientific name Antheraea Paphia, belonging  to the group of Emperor moths. The fine texture of the thread has through time, led it to transform into one of the most sought after material used in the creation of the amazing ethnic wear – a saree. Tussar silk sarees are made available to saree lovers in the market at varied price ranges.

With Durga Puja right around the corner, you have definitely started off with your shopping spree, laying your hands on some of the hottest ethnic wear launched in the  market. Alike an universal truth, the fact remains unchanged that sarees are one piece of draperies that will never go out of fashion and can rock the stage on any occasion.

Tussar silk facts made known to drape lovers

Yes, you might definitely be having a breath-taking collection of tussar silk stacked up in your closet, but did you ever spare a small amount of time pondering over the various facts related to it? Probably not. Well, in that case, the below mentioned points might help you gather sufficient knowledge about this fabric:

  • A vivid colour combination is what is desired by women in the present times. Single coloured drapes are so out of fashion in the present years. A neutral  colour teamed with a contrasting vibrant colour is what prevails. Combinations that emanate grace and a touch of elegance is something that every lady would want to vouch for.
  • Not many people are acquainted to the fact that these sarees are actually considered to be quite auspicious, to be worn on special occasions especially  festivities. A versatile piece of fabric, a tussar silk can be adorned by women and ladies of all age groups. Sophistication is what a tussar silk stands for.
  • This variety of silk is primarily manufactured in the Indian subcontinent, primarily due to its availability in the remote parts of the country. Speaking of its availability on a global platform, this form of silk is primarily derived from moths found in the South Asian region.
  • One point that you can be assured of is that you will never run out of colour variations in case of this silk variety. You can lay your hands on almost everything ranging from the light hues, all the way to the ones with a much darker shade.
  • All through these years, alike jute silk sarees, stand out for their deep rooted depiction of our tradition. Irrespective of the occasion, we Indians love to  uphold our tradition through time. What better way to get it done than through the help of a magnificent tussar saree? When it comes to highlighting ethnicity and  tradition, this is definitely a great choice.

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