All about Kanchipuram Silk Sarees!

Aparnaa art silk sarees,apparel fabric in KolkataKanchipuram Silk sarees are hand woven sarees and actually they are made out of mulberry silk. It’s one of the oldest form of sarees and very much common among women.

When talking about sarees women preferably wish to choose the ‘Queen of Sarees’ – Kanchipuram silk sarees. The collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees in Aparnaa fashion store is unique and classy. The collection of sarees is suitable for all the age groups and the endless collection of their store will definitely make your mind blow away.

Origin of the saree


The saree is known as ‘Kanchipuram Silk sarees’ because the saree is made in the town of Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu, India by mixing of mulberry silk. It is said that the origin of this saree occurred around 400 years ago when the Chola Dynasty was in the throne and the king was King Krishna – Deva Raya. As because at that time the temple culture was really popular thus many people started weaving silk which actually considered to be a ritual performed in festive ceremonies or weddings. In India, especially in the Southern part of India this sarees are considered to be very exceptional. The quality of the saree depends upon the weight of the saree. The heavier saree considered to be better quality sometimes is threaded with golden silk which makes the saree looks more sparkling and glossy.

The process of shaping Kanchipuram Silk Sarees


The saree is weaved by the chosen colour silk thread and also the yarn of the silk is made up of adjoining three colour threads. Due to this procedure, only the saree becomes heavier and lasts for long. An interesting thing of this saree is that firstly the weaver creates the border of the saree unlike another kind of sarees available in the market. The body and the pallu of the saree also made separately and then all the three parts are combined together. Another unique thing of this saree is that the structure and design of the body and border is not at all similar but made in such a way that it stays in contrast. A technique known as ‘Korvai’ is used by the weavers to weave the sari. Generally, it takes more than ten days for a weaver to complete the sarees and if it is made of more decorative items so it takes near about twenty days.



This saree is generally of 9 yards and in the entire saree the culture of traditional temples, patterns of temples are designed. But with the time the yard of this saree is reduced to 6 yards and more focus has been given to the design of the pallu. The pleats of the sari are done around the left and then the entire saree is taken along on the left side of the shoulder.

Accessories goes with Kanchipuram Silk Sarees


Aparnaa is indeed a hub of pure silk sarees in Kolkata, but for a woman, it is also important to pair it up with comparableaccessories. Nothing can go with this beautiful sarees except golden jewellery.