A Little Improvisation in Your Dupatta Is All That You Need

Ethnicity has been an indispensable part of the Indian dressing culture since times immemorial. Right from the historic tale of Shakuntala all the way to the modern fashion arena, this traditional fabric have been weaving their charm ever since.


If you have been of the notion that you cannot improvise on the dupatta that you wear, then you are certainly mistaken. A bit of research will help you know that you can add on a lot of variation to the dupattas that you adorn.

Simple ways in which you can drape a dupatta

No matter what ethnic attire you wear a dupatta does form an essential part of it. Below enlisted are some of the simplest ways in which you can bring about a variation in this apparel:

  • Try taking a dupatta over your head and pin it to the shoulder region of your dress on the other side. This can be a great way to carry one if you are wearing a lehenga for a gala occasion. This style gives it a U-shape.
  • If you are into too much into simplicity, simply let the dupatta hand on your neck. In fact, this is a style that goes well along with all sorts of ethnic wears like anarkalis, salwaars and suits. You can also transform it into a scarf by making one end of the dupatta longer.
  • Another style that goes well with a lehenga is the dupatta folded in the shape of a fan. This is one of the best option that you can opt for if you are looking forward to show off the amazing neckline of your lehenga. Creating a fan with the apparel not just gives it a trendy look, but also helps you showcase the entire attire in a classic way. The look is quite similar to the draping of a saree in a Gujarati style.

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