Look Glamorous In Appealing Net Embroidered Sarees

Net embroidered fabric Kolkata

In modern days fashion is not about gloominess or wearing boring traditional sarees. It is all about interpreting the traditional look into a modern way. Moreover, most of the fashion designers also focus more on the aesthetic appeal of these trendy sarees. Buying traditional fabric is considered as a weird move if you soon will attend any party or wedding ceremonies. So, generally, we can see that buyers avail for trendy fabrics like net embroidered fabric if they wish to stitch clothes for their wedding ceremonies. Unlike the usual cotton or silk kind of sarees, net embroidered sarees, on the other hand, are building of see through material that helps them to look glamorous as well as beautiful. Net is actually a fabric where the embroidered are incorporated as well as patterns are intersected beautifully through making small holes. Though this is actually not a traditional Indian saree but it introduced here by the western traders. Initially, this fabric was particularly used to create dupattas or veils but gradually it evolved as one of the most chosen fabric in creating designer sarees.

Gauze like patterns and textures

The main reason why most of the women get attracted towards this saree is because they are unique. But, if we use this fabric with any other kind of garment then it is necessary that a thin layer must be added but it is not in the case if the fabric is used for creating saree. Typically, a net embroidered saree will have a pallu that is totally made of net administered with beautiful embroidered work. On the other hand, the lower part of the saree is either made of satin or silk. This really gives a glamorous and classy look to the person who is wearing the saree. In the fabric stores different colour of net fabrics are found and also with different designs. It generally depends on what kind of textiles the weaver has used to make the saree.

Thick embroidered borders

No matter what kind of colour is the net saree is but almost in all the sarees we can find that there is an added part of the border which is wide and typically incorporated with embroidered, zari work, lace work. This definitely provides a wow factor to this simple net saree and prevents the saree from being light weight. Also, because of this embroidered work, you can get a comfortable fabric of your choice compare to other designer sarees. Embroidery in the net fabric are especially found in the blouse or lower part of the fabric as these two places consider absolutely perfect to highlight the entire saree. Also, there are many net sarees which are actually made with the combination of two textiles like silk brocades or Chikankari Silk sometimes is combined with net sarees. This also can give you an elegant look and a perfect balance between the two kinds of combination.