A lot about Jute Silk Sarees!

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Jute has a worldwide demand especially at Kolkata. Its manufacturing process is completely different from cotton. Jute is a natural fibre. It is one of the most low cost natural fibres and is second to cotton in quantity and variety of uses. It is much stronger than the other textile fibres. Jute is an environment friendly fibre. Primarily jute was used for sacking.  But now jute is very much popular across the country for its conversion to jute silk. 

The jute silk sarees in Kolkata are really “in” now a days. This fabric is a bit bawdy than the pure silk sarees owing to the distortion of the jute fibres. Jute silk sarees are available in different kinds of block prints like the dabu, batik and bagru. The lightness of this fabric brings more popularity to the mass. The gorgeous colours along with a vibrant and specific prints of the jute silk sarees are really eye-catching.

The process of fashioning jute silk sarees

The process of fashioning this fabric for jute silk sarees engage a careful selection of the raw materials which is of high implication. The processed jute is then softened with machineries and chemicals. The next step is called carding in which the soften jute passes through the rollers forming ribbons called silvers. The next process is drawing. Then the drawing process that is first Drawing Frame, second drawing frame and `then the finisher drawing frame machines take in the silvers and make the jute suitable for weaving. It is the process of gathering two sets of yarns together to each other for making a fabric. This fabrics are woven on looms. These looms may be operated by electricity or by hand. At the end is the spinning process which produces the high quality jute threads. The fibres are then mixed with the silk yarns and woven into sarees and finally sent for printing and polishing.

Jute silk sarees gives a fresh look and different angle in seeking a substitute for cotton. Jute has also apprehend the imagination of the current market. Jute silk sarees are widely available online and in retails stores. If you are planning to start up a business or want to have a colourful stock of jute silk sarees in shop, you can buy fabric wholesale from the whole seller. The polished and shiny texture of the jute silk sarees gives them an affable feel. Jute silk sarees are appropriate for work outfit and they have gained much popularity amongst today’s women.

So the next time if you think of gifting or buying a saree, do not hesitate to buy a Jute silk saree.  Women who knows better, ‘she’ would have already known, that jute sarees are quite the in-thing in fashion now and for past few years.