Must Have Regional Sarees in Every Woman’s Trousseau

ethnic dress fabric

In India, every state has some of its own cultures and also techniques of craftsmanship that actually have its own kind of designs, colours, and textures as it actually gets used. Over the years different kind of techniques is used to weave the beautiful contemporary sarees. If anyone has a different palette of fashion inspiration then India is the right place where you must look for. Different kinds of ethnic dress fabric are available here that are rich in motifs, embroidered work, mirror work as well as jewellery. Let’s look at some most favourite and must have sarees to be included in every woman’s trousseau.

Rajasthani Bandhani Saree

Bandhani is generally taken from the Sanskrit word banda (“to tie”). This is also considered as a traditional fabric in Kolkata is actually kind of a textile that is derived from a type of technique known as tie-dye. The technique needs a lot of manual labour and the entire fabric is decorated by plucking the textile with the help of your fingers into many small bindings. This technique provides the saree a figurative design.

Style tip– This kind of saree is best for the women those who are having slim or hourglass kind of a body shape.

Maharashtra –Paithani Saree

Silk is definitely an all-time favourite for women and this fine silk saree is considered as one of the richest ones in India. This particular saree is characterized by square designs with oblique borders. It is mandatory that the peacock design must get incorporated in the pallu of the saree.

Style tip– If you team up your Paithani saree with a choker that includes golden beads then no one can stop you from getting a royal look.

UttarPradesh- Banarasi Silk saree

It is one of the finest saree in India and known all over India because of its beautiful silver and golden zari work on it. The opulent embroidery on the edge of the saree sets them apart from any other silk saree.

Style tip– Pair up your saree with banarasi brocade clutch to give that modest feeling to your look.

Bihar- Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

Bhagalpuri Silk also known as Tussar silk sarees is actually a dying kind of silk sarees that are found in India extensively. These are beautiful silk sarees with enormous borders and designs incorporated it in.

Style tip– You can wear toe ring with this kind of saree either made of metals or non-metals with your saree.

Tamil Nadu-Kanjeevaram saree

In this particular kind of saree, the main features which you can see are the temple borders, different checks, stripes as well as floral designs. This particular saree is woven with the help of mulberry silk. In an authentic Kanjeevaram Saree, the body and as well as the border of the saree are separately woven.

Style Tip– Generally, authentic Kanjeevaram saree is worn either with a chain in the hip that is made of pure gold.