How Different Types Of Fabrics Are Created


The fabric collection of Aparnaa can be considered as the largest in terms of varieties, designs, styles, and colors. Embrace a few in your wardrobe.

The raw materials used to make up the fabrics are mainly divided into three discrete categories. Those that are derived from the natural sources like plants, those that are derived from the animals, and the fabricated or the manmade fibers. In order to understand how the varieties of the fabrics are created, the harvesting techniques of these fabrics must be known. The creation of the fabrics of Aparnaa is listed below. Continue reading How Different Types Of Fabrics Are Created

How Aparnaa Has Managed To Create And Recreate Its Charm


Aparnaa is a perfect example of both the offline as well as online retailing departments helping in the creation of success story for apparel centre.

Through the course of time Aparnaa, the renowned fashion centre has managed to keep its attraction at all period. Like any other brand Aparnaa has created and recreated its marketing method and has revised its fashion offers. This is something which has made the brand a long established popular name among the fashion lovers.   Continue reading How Aparnaa Has Managed To Create And Recreate Its Charm

Buy The Finest Fabrics At Wholesale Prices

The huge variations in fine fabrics give the opportunity to Buy Fabric Wholesale. Buying from the wholesalers give the benefit to buy more and save more.

Selecting the right fabrics in affordable prices is sometimes not easy. A good option is to Buy Fabric Wholesale where one can buy ample of fine fabrics at the lowest prices. The fabrics in the wholesale shops give hundred percent guarantee in terms of quality and style. These shops comprise all types of fabrics made either from natural fibres or from man-made fibres. Fabrics are made from different raw materials and are classified according to the origin of the fibres with which the fabrics are made. Every fabric has a different lustre and texture. This in turn decides which fabrics are good for which type of outfits. Continue reading Buy The Finest Fabrics At Wholesale Prices

Dazzle Up Your Day With Silk Fabric


The exclusive assortment of Silk Fabric Kolkata is sure to be loved due to the richness, texture and vibrant colours of the fabric.

Think of any ethnic rendezvous and one immediately associates it with the decisive beauty of a pure silk saree. This customary raiment has been around since the time immemorial and is the favourite among the crowd of women. As time passed by, it has evolved having modern trends included into it. Whether one loves the classic beauty of the ethnic garb or continuously looking for the fabrics with a more modern take, it can’t be denied that Indian women look as the divas when they don a saree from the collection of Pure Silk Sarees in Kolkata. One does not have to stick to only one single style anymore when one is thinking to get ready for a wedding reception party. Now, one can drape the favourite silk sarees in the way the wearer wants to. Continue reading Dazzle Up Your Day With Silk Fabric