Things You Don’t Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

tussar silk sarees

As women love to dress up in every season and especially traditional when comes to any occasion. Tussar Silk Sarees definitely an all time favourite for every woman and the fabric is the most chosen one as well. Let discover some essential factors about Tussar Silk Sarees which most of the women don’t know.

This particular silk is also called as Kosa Silk

Obviously, the name of the saree is associated with sophistication. This saree is considered fit to wear in any occasion and comes in variety of colours and designs. The saree is stylish as well as women of every age can wear it. Continue reading Things You Don’t Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

Look Glamorous In Appealing Net Embroidered Sarees

Net embroidered fabric Kolkata

In modern days fashion is not about gloominess or wearing boring traditional sarees. It is all about interpreting the traditional look into a modern way. Moreover, most of the fashion designers also focus more on the aesthetic appeal of these trendy sarees. Buying traditional fabric is considered as a weird move if you soon will attend any party or wedding ceremonies. So, generally, we can see that buyers avail for trendy fabrics like net embroidered fabric if they wish to stitch clothes for their wedding ceremonies. Unlike the usual cotton or silk kind of sarees, net embroidered sarees, on the other hand, are building of see through material that helps them to look glamorous as well as beautiful. Net is actually a fabric where the embroidered are incorporated as well as patterns are intersected beautifully through making small holes. Though this is actually not a traditional Indian saree but it introduced here by the western traders. Initially, this fabric was particularly used to create dupattas or veils but gradually it evolved as one of the most chosen fabric in creating designer sarees. Continue reading Look Glamorous In Appealing Net Embroidered Sarees

Essential Factors to Identify Authentic Kanchipuram Silk Saree

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It is believed globally that Kanchipuram Silk sarees are the most superior kind of silk sarees in the world. This sari is not only beautiful but also considered to be very expensive too. The sari is originated in Kanchipuram at Tamil Nadu and also this saree is one of the most favourite among the bridal women. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees in India stands up unique when compared to other silk sarees as this sari is hand woven and also because of its purity. But it is really important that you also know to identify the authentic Kanchipuram Silk Sarees so that you don’t get bluffed by the seller. Continue reading Essential Factors to Identify Authentic Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Stay Stylish and Gorgeous With Exquisite Handloom Sarees

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Handloom Sarees no doubt can bring wonder to your wardrobe and also is one of the richest textiles in the Indian culture. Handloom sarees which are found in either cotton or silk fabric is not only making you look classy but also apt to upgrade your fashion statement. So, to maintain the tradition and authenticity it is must that you also owe a handloom saree.

We definitely like handloom sarees but do we know how it is weaved? How the labour makes effort to make the handloom sarees? On an average more than three people required to weave one handloom saree. The saree actually takes 3-4 days to get completed. Mostly the weavers run a small scale business and weave the sarees in their home only. While the patterns or the embroidered work is done through a jacquard machine. Continue reading Stay Stylish and Gorgeous With Exquisite Handloom Sarees