Shibori Fabric – A Japanese Dye Technique

Shibori fabric

Do you know from where this Indigo fabric has emerged which the women are crazy about? Shibori is the oldest known Indigo dyeing techniques. The process was started since ancient times when the lower class people were not permitted to wear apparel made of silk fabric. Recently we have seen that this dyeing technique emerged in the world of denim and also gained popularity in the textile market around the globe. So, the Shibori fabric in Kolkata also has gained popularity. Most of the woman prefers to buy ethnic outfit made of indigo fabric and this style is a must have in every woman’s closet. So here are some amazing ways to create your favourite indigo pattern. Continue reading Shibori Fabric – A Japanese Dye Technique

Know the Process and Generation of Silk Sarees

Silk fabric

Silk, one of the oldest known fibres, is produced by the silkworm. The entire process includes the growing of eggs till it developed into cocoons. From these cocoons, miles of thread is developed which are actually used in making silk sarees. The silk threads actually get dipped into different color to integrate into the sarees. Chinese were the first that actually started with the manufacturing of silk sarees. There are different kinds of moths that have high economic values. The four commercially known natural silk fabrics are: – Mulberry Silk, Tussar Silk, Muga Silk, Eri Silk. Continue reading Know the Process and Generation of Silk Sarees

Printed Silk Sarees- Fashionable and cost effective

printed silk sarees

Printed Silk Sarees are nothing but a kind of sarees made of silk yarn that has beautiful patterns and designs in the shape of prints on the sarees. Actually, it is somewhat different from the original silk sarees as the weaving is manipulated is such a way that the prints cannot get separated from the sarees. Printed silk sarees is more of a modern concept which is used to stylize the silk fabric and also the buyers find this type of saree to be cost effective. It also comes in many varieties in the market. Silk indeed is one of the oldest ethnic fabrics in India. It is absolutely fit to use in any royal garments, formal wear. Experimentation with traditional sarees led the emergence of brocades which also included versatile motifs that are made of colored silk threads. Continue reading Printed Silk Sarees- Fashionable and cost effective

Tussar Silk Is the Silk of the Regal

traditional silk saree

It is India. Festivals are always around the corner.  In a social gathering it is imperative for your social status that you stand out. From a marriage to a religious festival, social gatherings are way of life for India. You have to stand out in attitude and in style. Saris will always be a classic in such circumstances and especially important is and will be the exquisite Tussar silk sarees. Tussar has a rich history and political importance in India’s history. Continue reading Tussar Silk Is the Silk of the Regal