All about Kanchipuram Silk Sarees!

Aparnaa art silk sarees,apparel fabric in KolkataKanchipuram Silk sarees are hand woven sarees and actually they are made out of mulberry silk. It’s one of the oldest form of sarees and very much common among women.

When talking about sarees women preferably wish to choose the ‘Queen of Sarees’ – Kanchipuram silk sarees. The collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees in Aparnaa fashion store is unique and classy. The collection of sarees is suitable for all the age groups and the endless collection of their store will definitely make your mind blow away. Continue reading All about Kanchipuram Silk Sarees!

Myth vs. Reality – A Take on the Truth of Cotton Apparels

Cotton draperies have been a hot favourite of fabric lovers all across the globe. Alike all other things the common masses do have a certain level of misconception in relation to this form of fabric as well. Discussed below is a distinguished detail of the reality that surrounds these myths.cotton-fabric

Myths are a part of and parcel of every possible sphere of our daily lives. You will hardly come across a genre deprived of the clutches of irrelevant and yes a few relevant myths as well. The world of casual cotton fabrics is something that needs to be included in the same as well. Well, its time to separate a few myths from the actual reality and get an idea of the benefits and drawbacks of a cotton fabric as a whole. Continue reading Myth vs. Reality – A Take on the Truth of Cotton Apparels