Explore Some Unknown Facts About Chanderi Sarees.

Most of the Fabrics Stores in Kolkata incorporates the most gorgeous chanderi sarees. But there are some amazing facts about these sarees that must be known.

Chanderi sarees were named after the birth of these sarees in a town of Chanderi located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. These types of elegant sarees have been the favorite of women of every class. And why not? The glossy finish, the richness, and the light weight of the sarees are enough for enchanting everyone. One can now find chanderi sarees and chanderi fabric in almost all the reputed Fabric Stores in Kolkata. Here are a few unknown facts about these sarees that are sure to leave one amazed. Continue reading Explore Some Unknown Facts About Chanderi Sarees.

Things To Know About The Luxurious ‘Tussar Silk Sarees’.

Be it any festival, party, family function, or wedding ceremony of any close one, the rich Tussar Silk Sarees have been the favorite choice of many since years.

Festivals are just a few months away, and what can be a better way to enjoy than dressing up in the best ethnic outfits. Among the Indian attires, sarees have always been the favorite pick of every woman. Among the wide varieties of sarees, the Tussar Silk Sarees is one of the most demanding fabrics when it comes to pick any one. These rich and exclusive silk sarees come in a broad variety of hues and look extremely elegant and charming. Let’s explore this beautiful saree material that is tussar silk that still win hands-down when it comes to the different Indian sarees. Continue reading Things To Know About The Luxurious ‘Tussar Silk Sarees’.

Reasons Why All Women Love To Wear Kurtis Everywhere

Kurtis are preferred by every woman for every season and every occasion. One can find the widest varieties of kurti fabrics at Aparnaa Fabrics store.

Online shopping is seen to be in full swing in the present scenario, and with the amount of offers, deals, and discounts, it has also turned out to be extremely lucrative. When one thinks about a well-defined traditional wear, the first thing that clicks the minds while walking towards the wardrobe is a kurti. This particular fashion trend has never gone off and is considered as one of the best and the smartest casual wear. In fact, these Indian wears are so versatile that one can wear these for college, offices, day-outs, family events, parties, and almost everywhere.

A kurtis can be made malleable with diverse styles like short, medium, or long length, from different materials or Kurtis Fabrics like cotton, khadi, satin, silk, etc. along with different types of works on them like embroidery works. Thus, the exquisite designs, various hues, appealing shades, and the elaborate patterns blended with the Indian as well as with the western styles have made the range of kurtis so popular as the latest fashion trend among all. There are several reasons of loving these outfits and there are different ways to pair these up and the style quotients and the hacks that are elaborated here. Continue reading Reasons Why All Women Love To Wear Kurtis Everywhere

Which Is The Best Fabric For Making Salwar Suits?

Aparnaa Fashion store incorporates the widest varieties of fabrics that are perfect for every season and every occasion. Visit the store to explore the range.

Salwar suits can be made from different fabrics depending on the occasion and the season. For example, chiffon, silk, cotton, chanderi, etc. Cotton is the perfect choice for the summer days, is comfortable, and airy. Coming to the loads of patterns, prints, and designs, cotton fabric makes the salwar suits easy-to-wear every day. Aparnaa Fashion store incorporates huge varieties of salwar suit fabrics that vary in terms of colors, designs, prints, and textures. Most preferred among these, cotton salwar suits can be worn in office, colleges, and can be embraced for the casual hangouts as well. Continue reading Which Is The Best Fabric For Making Salwar Suits?