Printed Silk Sarees- Fashionable and cost effective

printed silk sarees

Printed Silk Sarees are nothing but a kind of sarees made of silk yarn that has beautiful patterns and designs in the shape of prints on the sarees. Actually, it is somewhat different from the original silk sarees as the weaving is manipulated is such a way that the prints cannot get separated from the sarees. Printed silk sarees is more of a modern concept which is used to stylize the silk fabric and also the buyers find this type of saree to be cost effective. It also comes in many varieties in the market. Silk indeed is one of the oldest ethnic fabrics in India. It is absolutely fit to use in any royal garments, formal wear. Experimentation with traditional sarees led the emergence of brocades which also included versatile motifs that are made of colored silk threads.

Since last decade, printing on silk sarees became very popular. Block printing is also very common in India which has been practised by different communities all over India. Now the same has been started in many industries as well. The process of printing in silk sarees has become popular because of several reasons:-

  • The cost of production is very less with the accessible technology.
  • The process of weaving also takes less time.
  • The best part is that many innovative and intricate designs can be made within smaller period of time.
  • Every constituent of printing starting from the colour of the fabric, all is done with proper technique so that the textures of the print stays remain clean.

Variety of Printed Silk sarees

  • Hand Printing – Woodblock or hand printing is much popular kind of a style in cottage industries. But definitely, when the same is done on silk fabric, it becomes much expensive as it needs a lot of human effort. The handmade printing has become much popular in different parts of India. The most popular motifs or designs which are used in the printed silk textiles are either floral patterns or butti patterns.
  • Machine printing– There is no such kind of prints that cannot be administered to a cloth through a machine. Definitely, if prints are made through a machine then it looks cleaner, perfect and less of error. The process is also faster and versatility of designs is more compared to hand made one. Thus, the cost of the textiles also becomes less.

Present day Scenario

Printed silk textile has become very popular because not only in particular saree but the prints can be administered on several another kind of silk saree also. The prints even got diversified over the years and are more appealing in recent scenario. The motifs which are used in designer silk sarees recently are more elegant as well as gorgeous.

Maintain your printed silk textile

The best way to maintain your silk sarees is to dry clean it. The colours which are used in the printed silk textiles at the time of purchase are made in such a way that the buyer does not need to think about t leeching.