Quintessential Tips to Maintain Your Saree Fabric

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One of the most interesting aspects for any kind of ethnic Indian fashion is about maintaining their clothes. There are different versatile textiles and fabrics which are found in Indian ethnic styles. Most of the fabric are finely woven and very well designed. Thus, most of the materials from which the ethnic dress fabric is made need a particular type of maintenance. Saree maintenance is an all time aspects of any kind of ethnic fashion.

Sarees no doubt is one of the most elegant garments in Indian sub-continent, generally either worn regularly or on some special occasion. It is also widely popular in the international fashion world as well. Many fashion lovers though love to wear sarees in a different way but it is very important that they must follow some very important guidelines to maintain it as well.

Understand the type :-

It is very important that while buying ethnic wear from fabric stores in Kolkata. There are actually different types of fabric that are used to weave the saree and thus they seriously need some very special care. Thus, while you are buying a saree make sure that you know proper details of that particular saree. Sometimes instead of directly washing into the water, it is important that you must put these kinds of fabrics which must be dry cleaned and also requires a lot of special care. But you can wash the sarees at home which includes fabrics like silk, cotton as well as chiffon.

Know which is pure :-

Also, it is certainly important that you must know well and able to distinguish between pure, blended as well as faux fabrics. Generally, it is seen that the faux genre of chiffon, cotton, crepe as well as silk is required more attention and care rather than pure fabrics. They actually do not require being cared much because of their textile. The same is for the saris which are made of pure silk but the sarees which are authentic like georgette and silk includes some different kinds of maintenance.

A silk saree no doubt is one of the most royal kinds of ethnic attire but people after purchasing it do not maintain it properly. To maintain this beautiful royal textile it is important that you must know to wash them as well as the process of storing such royal pieces.

Washing it at home :-

People who actually need to wash some silk sarees in their home for them you just need to be more attentive as well as involve a specific amount of care. For the first wash it is important that you must wash it with clean water and after that with a protein rich shampoo try to wash the entire saree. It is advisable to avoid warm water, keep the saree out of the reach of extreme sunlight otherwise it will fade the saree completely.

Dry cleaning :-

Many people also might think about the procedure of dry clean in the home only. The procedure includes certain cleaning solvents through which cleaning is done. It helps to clean the entire stain and makes the saree look clean as well as fresh.