All about Ravishing Art Silk Fabric

Art silk fabric kolkata

Artificial silk or art silk fabric Kolkata is quite popular and it is manufactured with the help of synthetic fiber like rayon that very much look alike that of silk fiber but it does not cost less in manufacture or production. Different kinds of ethnic attires are made of art silk fabric so that it becomes cost effective and every person can experience the ravishing silk saree.

Origin :

The first trace of art silk was actually established in the year 1931by an individual who has not much to do with textile industry. Though the process from where the art silk fabric was taken was considered to be natural the process through which the raw materials transferred into the finished product was not at all natural.

More about Art Silk Fabric :

There is a lot of difference between real and art silk. The real silk is generally oriented by cultivating the silk worms and then another process is followed to derive the handcrafted silk. But it is completely different in the case of art silk as it is derived using different kinds of material like the pulp of wood, bamboo silk, polyester and much more. Art silk is the perfect substitute for pure silk. Printed Silk sarees in Kolkata is available in art silks along with embroidery designs as well. Also, you can silk embroidered pallu that is not only trendy but also appropriate for casual wear, going to the office and other social occasions.

In many instances, you might are not able to distinguish between art silk or pure silk sarees. The art silk sarees has its own platform in the world of fashion and the demand for the same is also growing day by day. The fabric is always good for modern women mainly because of comfort, maintenance, cost as well as durability. There are different kinds of works which are made into these art silk fabrics like stone works, embroidery works, thread works and much more.

Present day Scenario :

The most important characteristics of art silk fabric are that there is different kind of innovation which you can create from art silk sarees. Another interesting fact is that you can produce a large variety of properties but each and every produced can be distinguished differently. Nylon, though it’s a bit different kind of fabric it is said that that it’s a kind of artificial silk.