Regular Fabrics in Relation to the Ecology Around

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Environment degradation is a matter of concern for all in the recent years. The worst analysis that could have been made is the fact that clothing could bring about a large scale degradation in the ecology around us.

Apparels are one field where you can incorporate a great deal of experimentation. It is an ever evolving aspect that has brought out the best in terms of dressing trends. Kolkata too has been a place that has seen the best of development in case of the dress materials and the sense of fashion that prevails in the minds of the people.

With passing time came the trend of purchasing wholesale fabric came into trend. This was basically meant for people who are into bulk buying and buy fabrics in large quantities. Cheap cotton fabric in Kolkata is the best kind of wholesale market that you can come across.

Did you know that your clothes can destruct the environment?


Well, now this can be weird. Suppose you are suddenly confronted with the fact that the clothes that you wear are a cause of destruction to the environment. There is no denying that you will definitely be taken aback. You might even begin to wonder as to what is the relation between your clothes and the environment?

Let us in that case get into a bit of detailing for the same.

Polyester – Nature’s closest enemy of all


Polyester is a very common kind of fabric that is used in the making of quite a lot of dresses and other kinds of apparels. They add on to the sheen and look of the dress while giving it a soothing makeover. However, polyester happens to be a material that is known to be quite harmful for the environment as a whole.

Polyester once released into water is consumed by the fishes in it. They happen to be one of the killing causes for the fishes. This happens to be one of the prime reasons due to which we need to bring about a decrease in not just the usage of these harmful materials but also take care about the process of disposal that we opt for. Not just consumers, but manufacturers as well must be well aware of the disastrous effect that synthetic fibres can have on the ecology around.

Cotton- A not so harmful reliable fabric material


Cotton happens to be one of the least harmful of all fabric materials. It decomposes at a much rate than the rest. But unfortunately the percentage of usage of the cotton fabric is astoundingly less than the other kinds.

The best way to bring about a decrease in the degradation of the environment is avoid the use and manufacture of synthetic fabrics in the best possible way. Decomposition of fabrics happen to be something very important. Thus opt for fabrics from clothing fabric wholesale in Kolkata that display the highest levels of disintegration at all times.