Sarees – Upholding Tradition Since Times Immemorial

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Tradition is something that has been deep rooted and the Indian culture. One of the best ways to uphold this tradition has been through the selection of apparels and ethnic wear by men and women alike.

Always a fundamental part and parcel of the ethnic fashion in the Indian subcontinent and beyond, sarees have moved on to become more than just a mere yard of drape. Speaking of the origin of the word, the word saree has primarily been derived from the word ‘saadi’ that is of Sanskrit origin. The term primarily signifies a piece of cloth. Cotton silk sarees in Kolkata are just another drape that has been included in the list of the ethnic wears made available.

Hinduism has been one cult that has been laying a lot of importance and stress on the presence of saree as an integral part of ethnic attires. A walk back on the sands of time will let you have an idea of the deep rooted presence of the apparel within its culture.

The mechanism of making a saree

The process of making a saree turns out to be quite an intriguing one. The prime base of saree making depends on the kind of fabric that is being incorporated in its making. There is no denying the fact that the process of weaving a saree is quite a lengthy one. The time span usually varies from a number of months to a complete year.

Alike all others, weaving a saree is an art in itself. A weaver essentially treats the base of a cotton silk saree as a canvas of his own where he creates a reflection of the events that occur around him or might be a portrayal of his own imagination.

Types of methods incorporated in the printing of a saree

There are several methods that are used in printing a saree. There are some that have been prevailing since earlier times, while there are some that have been a new entry in the list:

     • Batik
     • Tie and Dye
     • Block Printing
     • Roller printing

However, it must be remembered that the methods used for printing are quite different from the embroideries that are used. Speaking of embroideries, they are mostly region centric. Each region has a speciality of its own that is reflected via the embroidery highlighted in the drapes of the region. Some common regional embroideries are – Chinkankari, Parsi, Katha etc.

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