Select Right Type of Designer Prints Sarees According to Body Type

Designer Prints SareesKolkata is a paradise of different fabrics. The type of designer prints sarees in Kolkata produces is admirably large. Here are tips to buy prints as per body type.

Prints are always a big hit when it comes to garments. Designer printed sarees and dresses move up your fashion quotient a few notches higher. Kolkata being a dream paradise of different fabrics, the type of designer prints Kolkata produces is admirably large. However, not every type of print suits everyone and there are certain tips, which when followed would give you an ideal look.

Always choose designs based on your body type. The type of design you choose would contribute to your overall look.

Here are Some Tips:-

  • Black, in general, is such a color which gives an overall look of being slimmer. Hence prints in black is a good choice if you wish to have a slimmer look.
  • If you are too thin and want to add some volume to your look, go in for horizontal stripes or patterns. This would give the illusion of a broader look.
  • On the other hand, if you are on the broader side and need a slimmer look, opt for vertical stripes or prints.
  • If you are pear-shaped with a hip girth wider than the bust, always opt for smaller prints. From the wide variety of designer sarees Kolkata market offers, you can easily get small prints like polka dots, etc.
  • If your bust is bigger than your hips and you have an apple-shaped body, and if you are thinking of a thing like a long skirt and blouse, opt for large prints for the shirt and pair it with a solid colored top.
  • If you have your bust and hips of equal proportion you can think of floral prints, checks, etc.
  • If you are too tall for your liking and want to strike out a balance then you can think of horizontal stripes.
  • If you are too short and want to add height to your look, think of vertical stripes or prints which are vertical.

All these are little tips that can help enhance the overall impact of your dressing. Prints are a beautiful inclusion in the wardrobe. Always go in for companies that have a market reputation like Aparnaa, which has long-standing credibility. This would ensure a huge variety and fair pricing too.