Silk Sarees – The Most Charming Attire for All Women

banarasi fabric KolkataTraditional silk sarees are always a hit for all occasions. Combination of the words ‘silk’ and ‘tradition’ make the best pair in the world of sarees. Be it a wedding or a regular office attire, silk sarees can fit in any purpose. Varieties of silk fabrics are found and sarees are named according to the fabric which has been used for weaving it.

Women of all ages love to drape traditional silk sarees to be classy and to hold the culture of the nation. Demand for silk sarees never decreases. Even women staying abroad love to wear a silk saree to look like a fashion diva in a traditional way. Silk sarees are named not only according to the fabric used but also according to the state or region like South silk is the famous one in South India; Chennai silk is well known in Chennai and so on.

The sarees are manufactured beautifully with astonishing designs, styles and art works. Blends and shades of different attractive colours are used to add to the variety. Extraordinary embroidery works, works of glittering lace border and thread works are also found in different categories of silk sarees. Butter silk, crepe silk, cot silk, garhwal silk, jamdani, Kanchipuram, kanjhivaram, pure silk are few of the favourite names of silk sarees. Silk sarees have brought a flood all over the market whether it is online or not. In the websites, the sarees are customized according to the demand of the customers, designs, styles and prices. The expert designers are adopting the traditions of many countries to gain more knowledge about different art designs and styles to apply on the Indian silk sarees. So, if anyone is looking for a stunning outfit then exploring the world of silk sarees would be the perfect choice.

In order to sell more pieces, online marketing of silk sarees are giving more options in reasonable prices without compromising on the quality of the fabric. The Indian silk Industry is one of the leading establishments in the field of textile business and mainly produces Muga, Mulberry, and Tussore.

All about the intricate and pure relation of a bride and a banarasi saree:-

Banarasi silk is the finest variant of silk fabric originating from Varanasi. Sarees woven from this silk known as the banarasi saree is considered as one of the must for a bride in the wedding day. These sarees have its root seeping into the rich and cultural history of the country.  Banarasi sarees are known for its exclusive royal look, with artistic works of shining threads specially golden and silver to increase its shine and glow. Banarasi sarees were worn by the royal women of the Mughal period. The designers are coming up with various patterns and colours using soft threads.

  • The banarasi mina fabric is available in a wide range to make attractive outfits. The entire process of weaving and designing is done using the latest technology.
  • The banarasi brocade fabric is also a highlighted one. This variety has become quiet demanding because of its mild shades and beautiful and elegant colours.
  • Some other varieties are banarasi gold fabric and banarasi jacquard fabric.

A bridal grooming is incomplete without a banarasi saree in the city of joy. The handwoven banarasi fabric Kolkata is one of the most famous authenticated ones to match different jewellery designs. The glorious effect of a beautiful banarasi silk saree wrapped around a women’s body gives the most beautiful praises. Bengali women are listed in the top among all. Kolkata is now known as one of the leading shopping hubs of sarees. Wholesalers are supplying to the well known showrooms and customers are buying from these showrooms. A huge mesmerising collection range is also found online making it easy for the busy women to shop for the most glamorous ones.