South Sarees Adding To the Royalty of Your Closet


The royalty of the south can be witnessed through the dressing pattern of the women in the region. There is a vast variety of sarees that you can actually choose from. However, it depends on the taste and preferences of your own to select the right one.

South India is a place that is distinctively famous for its varied culture, traditions and most importantly the dressing aesthetics that come along. It is this that mainly makes South Indian bridal sarees a popular piece of apparel not just in the south, but in the entire Indian subcontinent and beyond. South silk sarees in Kolkata have also witnessed a sufficient hike in its market witnessed a sufficient hike in its market in the recent years.

While we speak of sarees from the south, we do not just mean ones that are worn for a bridal occasion. There is much beyond that. In fact you have a platter to choose from the cuisine of sarees that is made available to you. Let us take a look at some of the most essential kinds of sarees that you must have back at your traditional closet.

South sarees that might add on to the grandeur of your closet


  • Konard sarees The Konard saree is a native to the state of Tamil Nadu. Owing to the typicality of its design, these sarees are usually termed as the Temple sarees. The motifs that are used all over the sarees are usually inspired by the themes of weddings and comprise of peacocks, elephants etc. The best thing about these sarees are that they are made available in both rich bright colours as well as earthly shades. Versatile as it is, you can choose them as per your requirement.


  • Ilkal sarees Showcasing the Kasuti embroidery in the best possible way, this is a nine yard cloth that can be included into your traditional closet. The speciality of the design that is imprinted in the sarees is that the pallu comprises of prints of temple towers, while the rest of it comprises of prints like that of elephants, palanquin bearers, lotuses etc.


  • Kanjeevaram sarees Proud of its inheritance, this is one particular saree that has gained popularity not just in the Indian subcontinent, but worldwide recognition. Native of the Kanchipuram village in Tamil Nadu, the reason that makes it famous is the age oldtechniques that are used for the purpose of weaving them.


  • Pochampally Ikat saree – The saree derives its name from the town of Pochampally that is located in a place near Hyderabad. There a pattern and design that is decided right from before and is then dyed in the later stages to get the essence of the traditional saree.

Aparnaa art silk sarees has been gaining rapid popularity due to the variant look and feel that it can provide saree lovers with at all times. Irrespective of the occasion that you wear it for, you can be assured to make heads turn with your drop dead gorgeous look at any point of time.