Stalwarts That Continue To Rule the Fabric Domain through Years


India is a land of colours and there is no denying the fact that Indian women do have a fetish for clothing with the right kind of colour combination in them. Traditional fabric, being a pivotal aspect of all kinds of clothing in the country ensures the fact that there is a great deal of variation in the clothing that is churned out from the drapes used.

A look at the dressing pattern all across the country will help you get an idea that there a few kinds of drapes can be termed as staple fabrics for their common usage in the making of garments. Georgettes, crepes, cotton, silk are some of the most common fabrics that are used in the making of Indian garments.

Prominent names in the fabric world

Silk – Silk is a fabric that has been associated with royalty for years now. It has been a mode of displaying elegance for years now. One of the most advantageous sides of the fabric is that it adapts to the shape of an individual’s body in an amazing way. This enables it to be draped with great ease. In fact this has moved on to become one of the prime reasons that has led to a wide range of traditional silk sarees and lehengas being churned out of it.

Cotton – When it comes to garnering one as a supreme fabric, cotton surpasses all. The prime reason behind the growing popularity of the fabric is the exceptional comfort quotient that it adds on to the clothes. Breathable, light weight and easy to wear are some of the specialities that have added to its popularity. The climatic conditions in India is definitely a factor that acts as a catalyst. Cotton attires are best suited for the long months of summer in the subcontinent.

Georgette – Georgette is a fabric that is primarily created via a mixture of polyester along with nylon. The delicate and agile texture of georgette has transformed it into one of the most desirable fabrics among the female masses. The bouncy visual effect created by the drape has resulted in it being used in a large scale in the making of gowns and ankle length dresses.

Chiffon – The term chiffon is a word that is derived from a French term that signifies rags. Made from a combination of cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton and silk chiffon is identified by its amazingly simple weaves and a pale shimmer. It is mostly used as a part of evening wear or formal dresses.

There are varieties galore when it comes to the types of fabrics used in the creation of garments, however, there are some that continue to rule the market since ages. All hail fabrics, all hail elegance!