Stay Stylish and Gorgeous With Exquisite Handloom Sarees

handloom sarees kolkata

Handloom Sarees no doubt can bring wonder to your wardrobe and also is one of the richest textiles in the Indian culture. Handloom sarees which are found in either cotton or silk fabric is not only making you look classy but also apt to upgrade your fashion statement. So, to maintain the tradition and authenticity it is must that you also owe a handloom saree.

We definitely like handloom sarees but do we know how it is weaved? How the labour makes effort to make the handloom sarees? On an average more than three people required to weave one handloom saree. The saree actually takes 3-4 days to get completed. Mostly the weavers run a small scale business and weave the sarees in their home only. While the patterns or the embroidered work is done through a jacquard machine.

Though previously handloom sarees are considered to be very expensive and so it was only worn in special events. But gradually with its popularity, even women can get the saree at lower cost in many fabric stores. It is even can be worn in the office or small gatherings. If you want to discover some beautiful and comfortable handloom sarees then it is important that you should know the demographic region where these sarees are available.

  • Bengal handloom sarees – This is one of the states where you can find the best of the handloom sarees. There is also a different style of handloom Sarees in Kolkata which are not only different but has some amazing embroidery incorporated in it. The most popular handloom sarees in Bengal are Kantha and Jamdani. The former is actually made of embroidery stitches while later is made of superior quality muslin. Other varieties of handloom sarees include Tant, Korial, Benarasi which are just apt to wear in wedding ceremonies or alike events. White Garad cotton with a red zari border also considered being very popular among the people of Bengal.
  • Kerala Sarees – Even the southern states manufacture high-quality handloom sarees. Kerala handloom sarees is very famous in this state. This type of textile is actually bought by the Malayalis in the urban hub of Kerala. One of the most popular handloom saree which we often see the women of southern states of India wear is known as Kerala Kasavu. It is actually either a white or an off- white saree having zari borders. The style of handloom sarees in Kerala also got influenced by many designs of Sri Lanka.

Apart from the above two states mentioned there are also many regions in India that also manufactures handloom sarees. States like Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, and North East also producing superior quality of handloom sarees.

Many people might think that the sarees look dull on them but it is absolutely not true. The handloom sarees has prosperous thread work and other motifs incorporated in them.