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How To Select The Best Designer Lace Borders At Affordable Prices?

Choose The Finest Borders And Laces In Kolkata

If you are looking for the finest borders and laces in Kolkata, then this blog is for you. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find the best.

Lace is something that can uplift and enhance an entire outfit- be it western or Indian. It looks especially graceful on Indian wear like blouses, sarees, lehengas, etc. Laces are available in different varieties and you can choose something that will cater to your style and preference. You can instantly transform any outfit and make it more appealing just by adding some borders and laces to it. You need to carefully select your fabric and then customize it accordingly. Lace is a very elegant and delicate fabric. Not choosing the best quality can hinder with your outfit. In this blog, we will discuss a few points on how you can choose the best fabric. Let us have a look at it. Continue reading How To Select The Best Designer Lace Borders At Affordable Prices?

The Evergreen And Ready To Wear Handloom Dupattas For Modern Women.

 handloom dupatta

A simple accessory like dupatta can add so much grace and elegance to an outfit especially if it is a handloom dupatta in Kolkata. Read to know more.

Women used to carry dupatta with salwar, kurta, lehenga choli, etc as a mark of tradition and modesty. A dupatta was nothing but a very basic accessory of outfits back then. But, as time went by, dupattas became more of a fashion statement and new designs came into existence. Nowadays, women style dupattas with unusual outfits and still look attractive. It is also the perfect addition to Indo-western attire. There are now different types of dupattas in Kolkata that you can flaunt.  Continue reading The Evergreen And Ready To Wear Handloom Dupattas For Modern Women.

Learning a little more about the luscious laces.

 borders and laces kolkata , fabric wholesale in kolkata

Laces are easily available if one looks for fabric wholesale in kolkata. But it is important to know a bit more about it. Here is a write-up that tells us more.

Laces are much in demand these days. Any garment manufacturer in Kolkata would definitely look forward to keep some laces. One can purchase from stores or can procure online. All one has to do is to type “ borders and laces kolkata. Or even: fabric wholesale in kolkata.

It is interesting to know a bit more about the most versatile embellishment to any fabric.

Lace is a type of self-patterned fabric done by machines. Laces are created by looping, braiding or twisting a thread. It can be made of cotton, silk or rayon. The ultimate effect of lace is such that it has open weave with transparent or semi-transparent visible spaces in between.

The concept of lace can be traced to about late 15th century. The threads Continue reading Learning a little more about the luscious laces.

Choose the Perfect Dupatta for Your Ethnic Outfit

Dupattas kolkata

Women should always keep in mind that great style is not about wearing any kind of expensive clothes from any fashion brand, it is something that will make you look beautiful and classy. But also it is important that you must accessorize your ethnic outfit well and Dupattas are considered as one of the essential elements. Most of the women love to buy colorful dupatta in Kolkata as it definitely adds an extra charm to your outfit. A dupatta is always considered to be an essential accessorize at least with an ethnic outfit.

Choose the right fabric

An essential thing while choosing the right dupatta is the fabric. Obviously, it depends on your outfit as well as season, occasion. Obviously, for daily wear, it’s better to choose cotton dupatta. While for any occasion, you can opt for silk or satin. It is important that the texture of the fabric should be rich enough. Dupattas with laces and borders is just perfect for any wedding or for some big event. For the semi-formal occasion, you can also pick dupatta made of georgette or channel fabric. Continue reading Choose the Perfect Dupatta for Your Ethnic Outfit