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Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Lehenga Choli

lehenga fabric

When we talk about traditional Indian outfits then the first thing that comes to our mind is about any gorgeous embroidery or thread like work. No doubt, that those embellishments are beautiful as well as add a charm in simple lehenga. Many women buy lehenga fabric and stitch the entire lehenga choli. There are different kind of lehenga choli found like fits, straight cut, circular cut or a- line cut. But it is important that you know the features of different kind of fabrics that is used for stitching your lehenga. Continue reading Choose the Perfect Fabric for Your Lehenga Choli

Things You Don’t Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

tussar silk sarees

As women love to dress up in every season and especially traditional when comes to any occasion. Tussar Silk Sarees definitely an all time favourite for every woman and the fabric is the most chosen one as well. Let discover some essential factors about Tussar Silk Sarees which most of the women don’t know.

This particular silk is also called as Kosa Silk

Obviously, the name of the saree is associated with sophistication. This saree is considered fit to wear in any occasion and comes in variety of colours and designs. The saree is stylish as well as women of every age can wear it. Continue reading Things You Don’t Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

Tips to Make a Dress from Cotton Fabric Material

Dressmaking is historically a cumbersome procedure. Now with lots of cheap fabric available, you can make your own dress beautifully. Here are a few tips to help you along this journey.

Every person in themselves is an artist. Creation comes very naturally to human mind. Be it the creation of a food dish or a story or a piece of clothing. Clothes are a very important and distinct creative platform and making a beautiful piece of garment can provide you with the catharsis of creating a play or even a movie or a Michelin star dish. But clothes are a very tricky proposition. Making a garment is a very tedious, cumbersome job and requires a distinct amount of dedication. Starting with cotton is a good decision. There are many places which store cheap cotton fabrics in Kolkata. So you can just buy a cotton fabric and start designing your own dress. Let us see how you could do that.cheap cotton fabric in Kolkata Continue reading Tips to Make a Dress from Cotton Fabric Material

A lot about Jute Silk Sarees!

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Jute has a worldwide demand especially at Kolkata. Its manufacturing process is completely different from cotton. Jute is a natural fibre. It is one of the most low cost natural fibres and is second to cotton in quantity and variety of uses. It is much stronger than the other textile fibres. Jute is an environment friendly fibre. Primarily jute was used for sacking.  But now jute is very much popular across the country for its conversion to jute silk.  Continue reading A lot about Jute Silk Sarees!