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Gift Your Sister Cotton Silk Sarees this Bhai Dooj

cotton silk sareesThis Bhai Dooj if you are thinking of a gift for your sister then think of cotton silk sarees in Kolkata which is much popular. Here is why you should choose.

Bhaiya Dooj is perhaps the sweetest of all Indian festivals along with Raksha Bandhan. It celebrated the beautiful and eternal bond between a brother and a sister. And like every other festival, gifts are a big part of Bhaiya Dooj. If you wish to give something memorable to your sister think of sarees. Sarees are wonderful gifts for traditional festivals. One of the latest types of sarees that are popular these days is the cotton silk sarees in Kolkata which has a good demand among all women. You can choose to gift your sister an exclusive silk cotton saree. Continue reading Gift Your Sister Cotton Silk Sarees this Bhai Dooj

All about cotton silk sarees and their varying styles.


cotton silk sarees in KolkataNow, let’s discuss about the very popular, elegant, and comfortable sarees, the cotton silk sarees in Kolkata and their varying styles.

Due to the varying styles, cotton silk sarees in Kolkata has become extremely popular. Here’s the complete information about these beautiful, classy, and comfortable drapes. Let’s keep on reading the lines below.

A simple cotton silk saree : A simple cotton silk saree can be distinguished with its plain and simple designs. Cotton silk fabric is actually the proportionate blend of cotton and silk. Simple designs on this gleaming yet soft and comfortable saree can be the right pick for both the casual as well as the special occasions. A simple cotton silk saree with no designs on the body but with a golden border or a shining border of any contrasting shade can make you look simply gorgeous besides being in comfort for several hours. These are not at all heavy. You can find these gorgeous options if you visit the popular stores having a huge collection of designer silk sarees Kolkata. All you need to do is to pick the right color according to the occasion. Continue reading All about cotton silk sarees and their varying styles.

Knowing and Understanding More About Art Silk as a Fabric

silk sarreOther than cotton and silk, the art silk sarees kolkata is producing these days are becoming popular among customers. Here’s knowing more about art silk as fabric.

Kolkata is known for its cotton sarees. Kolkata is also known for its silk sarees. But nowadays the art silk sarees kolkata is producing is also grabbing eye-balls for its fine texture and quality. The popularity is almost at par with silk fabric kolkata is known for. Here are a few information about the fabric known as art-silk.

What is art silk?

  • Art Silk is the short form of Artificial Silk. It is a synthetic fiber. Often rayon material is referred to as art silk. However other than rayon, it can also be made of mercerized cotton, polyester, a blend of all of these or simply a blend of rayon and silk.

What is the origin of art silk?

  • In the 1890s the first art silk developed. It was made of cellulose fiber. It was named Art silk. It was then also called viscose, after the trade name of a particular manufacturer. However in 1924 the fiber was named Rayon. Though, it is more popular by the name of Art Silk.

What makes it so popular?

  • One of the prime reasons of the popularity of art Silk is the fact that it gives a near resemblance to silk, without being much costly. A good quality Art Silk can easily pass of as silk. Also, like silk, the material is very light and very comfortable to be used as a fabric. So, during the summer months, it is especially popular as a daily wear. It is considered a fairly breathable material which makes it easy to wear.

Why is it used for different forms of garment:

  • Art silk is very versatile and can be used on and for various purposes. One can do fabric painting, embroidery or simply use it printed. The fabric looks good in every form of garment – as a Saree, as a dress material for salwar suits, for lehengas and for dresses.

Why is it good to opt for art silk?

  • If one wants to add a variety of collections to his or her wardrobe, it is good to opt for art silk. This is because art silk adds to the ethnic look of a garment, as well as is suitable for western type of garments. And a number of dresses or garments can be made within a particular budget. Nowadays a huge collection of garments made of art silk are available both in showroom as well as online. Garment manufacturers these days prefer to use art silk to produce a variety of garments, hence most wholesalers these days have a huge collection and stock of art silk materials.

Are art silk sarees a replacement for silk sarees?

  • Art silk sarees are technically a different material than silk. While silk is derived from natural sources, art silk is totally an artificial make. However, art silk sarees give a very good and gorgeous look, nearly like that of a silk. Hence, it is good to invest in a few art silk sarees.