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Get Winter Ready in Style: Affordable Ethnic Trends Tips & Hacks

embroidery fabric kolkata

As winter approaches, the first thing we do is to stack all our ethnic wears at the back of our wardrobes and only rely on western wear. Though sometimes we do wish to experiment and have fun with embroidery fabric kolkata, luxurious motifs, prints, and designs, however, the super chilly weather makes us skeptical. But, wait, we will make an honest disclosure. It is possible to turn heads in your winter ensemble if you stylishly incorporate some ethnic touch to it. And did we say, you will be able to beat the cold effortlessly? Sounds interesting and fun right? So here is a little depth into getting ready for winters.  Continue reading Get Winter Ready in Style: Affordable Ethnic Trends Tips & Hacks

How Different Types Of Fabrics Are Created


The fabric collection of Aparnaa can be considered as the largest in terms of varieties, designs, styles, and colors. Embrace a few in your wardrobe.

The raw materials used to make up the fabrics are mainly divided into three discrete categories. Those that are derived from the natural sources like plants, those that are derived from the animals, and the fabricated or the manmade fibers. In order to understand how the varieties of the fabrics are created, the harvesting techniques of these fabrics must be known. The creation of the fabrics of Aparnaa is listed below. Continue reading How Different Types Of Fabrics Are Created

Look Glamorous In Appealing Net Embroidered Sarees

Net embroidered fabric Kolkata

In modern days fashion is not about gloominess or wearing boring traditional sarees. It is all about interpreting the traditional look into a modern way. Moreover, most of the fashion designers also focus more on the aesthetic appeal of these trendy sarees. Buying traditional fabric is considered as a weird move if you soon will attend any party or wedding ceremonies. So, generally, we can see that buyers avail for trendy fabrics like net embroidered fabric if they wish to stitch clothes for their wedding ceremonies. Unlike the usual cotton or silk kind of sarees, net embroidered sarees, on the other hand, are building of see through material that helps them to look glamorous as well as beautiful. Net is actually a fabric where the embroidered are incorporated as well as patterns are intersected beautifully through making small holes. Though this is actually not a traditional Indian saree but it introduced here by the western traders. Initially, this fabric was particularly used to create dupattas or veils but gradually it evolved as one of the most chosen fabric in creating designer sarees. Continue reading Look Glamorous In Appealing Net Embroidered Sarees